By Al September 17, 2020

You know it’s coming. That dreaded word: replacement. Your old garage door is becoming more of an eye sore and keeps breaking down. It’s getting harder to ignore. You know something is wrong when your garage door repairman becomes another household member. You can keep shelling out more cash, or consider professional garage door replacement and installation by Aladdin Doors®.  Our in-home consultation will show you what’s new on the market. It’s easy. It’s free. Everyone wants a home they can be proud of. A new garage door will give you not only a slick, new curb appeal, it will increase your home’s value and security. Here’s what to look for when you are thinking about garage door replacement.


Don’t Say “Bla” When You Can Say “Ahh”.

Everyone wants a beautiful home, inside and out and your garage door should not be an exception. If you’re living with a shabby, rickety, outdated door, it’s time to change. Maybe you inherited it when you bought your home and thought that at some point you’d replace it. If you’re tired of tacky and want tasteful instead, don’t settle for “bla” when you can say “ahh”. New garage doors come in so many different styles, designs, materials, and colors; the choices are endless. Call for a free estimate today. Let’s see what you like, look at your budget and talk about what makes sense.


It’s Deteriorating. It’s Sagging.  It’s Sad. Oh My.

When your sad, rusted, dented door is screaming “replace me”, listen. Other than looking unattractive, a deteriorating garage door can compromise its structure. If it’s sagging, your safety and security could be threatened and put your family and possessions at risk by creating an open invitation (and an open door) to theft and burglary. Don’t let that happen!


Replace Not Repair. Now That Makes Sense.

Have you been having a lot of problems with your garage door lately? Are repair costs adding up? If so, the costs of service and parts may warrant replacing the door for a beautiful, newer model. If your door is old, replacement parts may not be available, another reason a new garage door makes sense.


Don’t Debate. Insulate.

Chances are your original garage door may not be insulated. While an uninsulated garage door transfers cold air to rooms next to and above your garage, an insulated door will save on heating and cooling costs. Controlling the temperature in your garage reduces the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your home. Insulated doors are more durable, quieter, and will better protect your cars and possessions. Besides, keeping your garage warmer (or cooler) makes it more comfortable and convenient to do activities in it, like hobbies or working out.


Be Safe. Not Sorry.

Today’s new garage doors come equipped with a safety reverse mechanism called safety sensors or photo eyes. When something is in the way of the door closing, the safety sensors immediately reverse the door. This is especially important if you have children since older doors do not have this feature. Since the early 90’s, all doors require safety sensors. It’s the law. How old is your door?


The Best Return On Your Investment.

A new garage door ranks in the top five home improvement projects for return on investment. Increase the look and value of your home with an ROI of 85%. It’s one of the wisest home upgrades you can make. From traditional metal and wooden garage doors to old fashioned carriage house and sleek, modern doors, trust Aladdin Doors® to deliver the garage door of your dreams. We’re just a phone call away.


Professional Garage Door Installation.  You Can Do It Yourself… Right?

Your garage door installation can play an important role in how your door will perform over the years. After all, if it’s not installed correctly, anything could go wrong. You’ll need an experienced, reliable company to handle the installation process. As your full-service, neighborhood garage door company, you’re in good hands. From our free consultation to measurements to ordering and installation, we’ll have your door professionally installed before the sun sets. If you think you can do it yourself, please think again. Do you have the experience, the tools, and the patience? Since a DIY process may invalidate the warranty, having a professional handle your installation secures it.


To begin the process, call us.  Schedule your free consultation. Once you’ve selected the door you want, we will take down and haul away your old door, install your new door, and provide service and maintenance to keep your garage door looking and operating like new for its lifetime. These are all great reasons to choose Aladdin Doors® for professional garage door replacement and installation. Don’t forget to ask about our new Wi-Fi openers from LiftMaster™ that do all the work from your Smartphone, no remote needed. We look forward working with you on your garage door project.

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