Garage Door Spring Replacement

What a broken garage door spring looks like

Garage door springs are a critical component to your garage door because they are responsible for bearing the door’s weight as it opens and closes. Without functioning springs, your garage door is basically dead weight — and a serious accident waiting to happen, should the door fall on something or someone. Don’t allow this to happen! Call your professional garage door spring replacement specialists to get the job done: Aladdin Garage Doors.

When a garage door spring breaks and your car is in the garage, you won’t be able to get out. If you look just above the garage door and see a break in the spring, you’ll need it replaced. Here are some other signs that indicate you have a broken spring:

  • The door will not open, even if you pull the manual release
  • The door is too heavy to open by hand
  • When you press the opener, the door only opens 3-5”
  • The pulleys and cables may have snapped and might be hanging
  • The door might be crooked as it moves up and down the track
  • Springs tend to break more in extreme climates (very cold, very warm); metal contracts when it’s cold out

If you suspect your springs have failed, there’s just one thing to do: contact Aladdin Doors for quick, professional garage door spring replacement. Call us by 2 PM, and we’ll have your springs replaced the same day!

3 Reasons Your Garage Door Springs May Need Repair Service

Garage door spring repair may be needed for a range of reasons. Between factors such as weather, age and regular use, there are plenty of opportunities for even the finest door springs to go awry over time. The most common reasons for repair include:

  • Wear and tear: Daily use inevitably adds up over time, leading to misaligned or worn-down springs. Even springs with a long shelf life eventually require repairs or replacement, particularly if they are used multiple times each day.
  • Rust: Wet weather and humidity can lead to rust, which corrodes springs and weakens the coils. Applying lubricant regularly and scheduling maintenance and repair checks can help prevent rust issues from building up.
  • Poor maintenance: Neglecting to schedule maintenance checks or regularly inspect your garage door can give small issues room to grow, particularly during poor weather.

The Importance of Prompt, Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Tempted to skip the professional service and attempt a DIY garage door repair or spring replacement? We strongly advise you to think again.

While garage door maintenance and inspection can be done independently, it’s always best to request a trained technician’s service for your garage door spring replacements. Calling in timely and expert service will help you avoid several major risks, including:

  • Prevent injury: Torsion springs are responsible for moving extremely heavy garage doors. Experienced technicians have the skills and tools required to address springs safely — but without proper training and experience, you could put your safety at risk.
  • Avoid aggravating the problem: Even a minor mistake can aggravate the issue and lead to costly repairs. DIY repairs may also interfere with your garage door warranty. Relying on the professionals will ensure a quick and effective fix — as well as your peace of mind.
  • Keep your garage door protected: Professional garage door spring and cable replacements always keep the integrity of your door intact. Our team knows what to look for and how to remedy any issue that arises, ensuring your door will operate correctly and stay functional for the long haul.

What Lifespan Can You Expect for Your Garage Door Springs?

Each garage door spring has a unique lifespan, which is measured in open and close cycles. Keep an eye on your spring replacement lifespan and usage frequency in order to assess when it may need repair and replacement. This will help you to proactively prevent problems from occurring instead of reacting to issues as they arise.

A 10,000-cycle spring that is used daily can last a number of years, depending on how many times per day it’s operated. Twice-daily use will give springs a lifespan of approximately 14 years, while doors opened 8 times a day will last for about three years.

Once your overhead door springs have reached the end of their lifecycle, they may cease holding tension and stop operating properly. At this point, you’ll need expert repairs and replacements to handle the task.

Same-Day Service for Commercial and Residential Spring Repairs and Replacement

Whether you’re a homeowner with a standard one or two-car garage or the business manager of an expansive industrial facility, Aladdin Garage Doors has the expertise to handle any spring repair or replacement. Depending on how much you use your garage door, we offer two types of quality springs:

  • Standard Springs: Our standard 10,000 cycle* springs are backed by a four-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.
  • High-Cycle Springs: For longer lasting performance, choose our 100,000* high-cycle springs that are now powder coated. These springs are larger in length and inside diameter, resist rust, last longer than traditional springs and are guaranteed for life. Great for larger families, multiple vehicles and where the garage door is used more like your front door.

* Springs are measured in cycles. Each time your garage door opens and closes, it counts as one cycle. The more you use your garage door, the more wear and tear will be placed on your springs. If you open and close your door 3-5 times daily, springs will last an average of 4-6 years.

One spring or two springs? If you have a two-car garage, it’s the industry’s best practices to replace both springs, even though only one may be broken. When one spring breaks it makes sense that the other spring will most likely break shortly thereafter. Why pay for another service call? Additionally, since springs need to have the same tension, replacing only one is not effective.

Upon arrival, our trained and certified technician will explain the advantages of each type of spring. Because we carry a complete inventory of springs in our trucks, we will professionally install it on-the-spot.

Expert Garage Door Repair

In addition to spring replacement, Aladdin Garage Doors provides expert garage door repair for your opener and garage door. Whether it’s cables, rollers, brackets, hinges, drums, gears, tracks, rails or any component that would cause your door to not operate properly, call us today to schedule an appointment or complete our online form. Ask about our same-day service availability.



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