Garage Door Repair: How to Ensure Your Garage Door is Safe

By Aladdin Garage Doors May 17, 2017

Children are very active nowadays, they always love to run and hide in every corner of your home, and they also love to go in and out in your garage. Now the question is, does your garage door system is safe when children are playing around? If you are not sure of the answer, you better call an expert to check your garage doors.

Call Aladdin Doors, if you think your garage door is not safe and it needs repair. Service is located in Aurora, Illinois, and other areas around Texas and North Carolina. They have well-trained and highly skilled technicians who use state-of-the-art techniques in repairing any kind of garage door issues. The company has been serving its customers for many years now, which makes the company highly competent, and provides only top-notch services. In addition, to keep your children safe from the potential danger of a broken garage door, you might want to consider the helpful tips below.

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Have you ever noticed that your garage door is the largest moving part of your home? Or that you use your garage door more and more as a main entrance? It’s important to keep certain basic guidelines in mind to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

1. Keep your garage door remote out of sight in your vehicle

  • Your remote is the equivalent of the keys to your home.
  • Keep the doors of your vehicle locked at all times.
  • Use a mini remote that attaches to your keyring.
  • Better yet, use MyQ’s LiftMaster technology.

2. Never hang on to your garage door

  • Double garage doors longer than 14’ (4.3 m) are equipped with reinforcement bars on the inside.
  • It’s important for your family members to avoid climbing or hanging on to the door while it’s in motion.

3. Install the wall control panel out of the reach of children

  • Install it approximately 5’ (1.5 m) above the floor or top step.
  • Place it in a location where you have a clear view of the door as it opens and closes.

4. Once a month, take a quick look at the various components

  • Have any of the nuts or bolts come loose?
  • Are the horizontal tracks parallel?
  • Are any of the rollers about ready to break?
  • There are certain components you shouldn’t attempt to repair yourself, including the springs, hinges and lifting cables. All of these are under extreme tension.
  • Consult the maintenance guide provided by the manufacturer.

5. Don’t allow children to use or play with the remote

  • Your garage door remote is not a toy.
  • Don’t let your children play with the remote or even the Open/Close button on the wall control panel.
  • If they use the exterior key pad to open the door when they get home from school, remind them to get out of the way of the door while it’s in motion and wait until it’s all the way up before entering the garage.

6. Teach children to avoid touching the moving parts at all times

  • This is especially important when the garage door is in motion.
  • Never place your fingers between the sections of the door, even when operating it manually.
  • Do not slide your hand between the vertical rail and the garage door panels.

7. If you have an automatic door opener, test the two reversal mechanisms every month

  • The first one is mechanical:
    • Place a piece of wood (2 x 4) on the threshold of the door
    • Push the button to close the door
    • When the door contacts the piece of wood, it should back up automatically
  • The second one is photoelectric:
    • As the door begins to go down, move your leg slowly across the path of descent
    • The photocell will detect the motion and reverse the door automatically
  • If either of the two systems doesn’t work correctly, lock your garage door and refrain from using it. Contact a garage door specialist.

These tips aren’t intended to frighten you, but rather to prevent certain types of unfortunate accidents that occur each year. If you notice that your garage door is making more noise than usual, this is an early warning sign that there may be something wrong with the garage door or garage door opener. Contact a garage door specialist in your area, who will identify the problem and give you advice on how to use your garage door and check it regularly to make sure that everything’s working as it should. Always remember, that Aladdin Garage Door is here to keep your garage system safe at all times. Ask their certified technicians for a garage door check. They will guarantee you peace of mind in knowing that your children are safe whenever they play around in and out of your garage. Looking for a local professional in Aurora to fix your garage door?