You work hard for a living, raise a wonderful family and own a beautiful home in Aurora Illinois. One of the features of your home that you’re most proud of is your 2 car garage with its decorative glass panels, and custom wood trim. It’s a great place to park your car to keep it safe from the elements and to store your lawn furniture in the winter months. The one thing that would definitely improve the usefulness of the garage would be the installation of a garage door opener. There are several types available on the market, with price points to fit every budget. How do you choose the right garage door opener that is suited for your needs?

Garage Door Openers Come In 3 Different Types

There are 3 common mechanical systems that are used in garage door openers. The first is a chain drive system that is the most common type that is available on the market. They are reliable and relatively inexpensive, however they tend to be noisy so they are not well suited for a semidetached home.

The second is a belt drive system that is much quieter than the chain system, though they tend to be a bit more expensive. They are perfect for semidetached homes.

The third system uses a screw drive to operate the door. They are extremely reliable but can be noisier than the chain drive system so are definitely not well suited for an attached garage.

The technicians at Aladdin Doors in Aurora are experts at installing garage door openers. They recommend the Liftmaster brand of opener because of their durability and reliability.

The Most Important Component Is The Safety System

The most critical component in any garage door opener is the safety mechanism.  There are 3 main components to the safety system.

The “Safety Reverse” ensures that if door encounters an obstacle, it will automatically reverse it’s direction.

The photoelectric eye beam or the safety strip located at the bottom of the door that reverses the door if they sense an obstacle or a person in the path of the closing door.

The final safety component is the red “Emergency Release Handle” located at the top of the door near the unit. This handle is manually operated to disengage the whole mechanical system.

Aladdin Doors in Aurora are trained and certified to safely install your garage door opener and provide great a warranty on the system and a guarantee on the labor.

Here are some important tips to help prevent accidents, and leaving your garage vulnerable to theft.

  •        Keep children away from the door, and make sure that they don’t play with any controller
  •        Ensure that the door is completely closed to keep intruders out
  •        Make sure that your safety system is working properly by regularly testing it
  •        Familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual, paying close attention to the safety section

To choose the right garage door opener that is best suited for your needs, and to ensure its safe installation, contact the professionals at Aladdin Doors in Aurora Illinois to schedule an appointment. Call us today at 630-256-8999Learn more about the other services we provide.