Replacing Garage Door Cables and Springs

By Al April 23, 2021

Garage Door Cables and Springs Replacement

There are many components to your garage door system. Garage door springs and cables are vital to your door’s safety and operation. In fact, they depend on each other and without them your door will not open. That’s because springs counterbalance the door and apply the right tension so the cables and drums can lift the door. Often when a spring breaks, your cables aren’t far behind. Who knew? Let’s talk more about your cables and their connection to springs and what to do when you notice a problem or see that they have snapped or broken.

How Does a Garage Door Cable Work?

Garage door cables are located on each side of your garage door. Made of strong, flexible metal, cables have a big job to do. They are raised and lowered by a pulley system that is wound or unwound around a drum as the door opens and closes. When cables start to fray, they wind around themselves and get caught.

Symptoms of Garage Door Spring Issues

Signs your worn, frayed, or broken cables need replacement are:

  • They hang loosely from your door
  • Your door may open unevenly or have trouble closing
  • Your door may operate shaky or jerky when opening
  • Your door may close faster than usual

If one cable breaks, can you just replace the broken one? We recommend replacing both cables. This is standard in the garage door industry as cables are sold in sets. After all, replacing one cable and not the other creates an imbalance that can cause them to wear faster.

Cables can become loose when they slip off the rollers. If a cable breaks while the door is opening or closing, the door can go off track and cause significant damage to other components. When your cables are frayed or snapped, you need to contact a local garage door repair company like Aladdin Doors. When you call us by 2pm, we guarantee same day repairs, or your service call is free. We carry standard replacement parts, including all types and sizes of cables, for immediate onsite repair. You make the call, and we’ll do the work. It’s that simple.

Are There Different Cables For Different Garage Spring Systems?

If you have a heavy or wood door, it makes sense that you’ll need heavy duty cables when you need to replace them. It’s important that cables are the proper size. If they’re too small, they will break sooner due to the excessive strain placed on them. Drums need to be selected based on the door’s height because taller doors need a larger drum to support the longer length of the cable. Proper spring tension is also a key factor. If the tension is not right, it causes problems with the cables. Spring tension that’s too tight will cause cables to jump off the drum. Weak spring tension will cause cables to unwind. There’s so much to know! Instead of trying to do it yourself, don’t.  You’ll need the knowledge, experience, tools, and patience to get the job done quickly and efficiently and that’s what Aladdin Doors delivers. We repair, service and maintain garage doors, openers and all their related components. That’s what we do, and we do it well.

Should I replace both Garage Door Springs and Cables?

Torsion springs are located horizontally above your garage door opening. They support the door’s weight and work with the cables and opener to operate the door at the right speed. When things go wrong and springs and/or cables break, the door can come slamming down and cause a lot of damage. If your car is in the garage, you won’t be able to get out. Springs and cables can break separately or together. When one snaps, the other will follow soon after. When one spring breaks, the cable carries the stress of the door’s weight until the (other) spring is replaced, eventually fraying, or snapping the cable. That’s why our technicians check the condition of both springs and cables on all service calls. It is recommended that a professional garage door repair company replace bad cables and springs due to the intense pressure they’re under. We will balance your garage door after installation and include a mini tune up on your garage door and opener as well. We take good care of our customers and make sure they get the service they deserve.

Call Aladdin® Door for Spring Repairs or Replacements

Throughout the year take the time to inspect your garage door system. This includes checking for frayed cables, rust on cables or springs, and gaps in the springs. If you notice anything suspicious, please call us.  We look forward to working with you soon. Thanks for your interest in Aladdin Doors.