Adjusting a Craftsman Garage Door Opener

By Aladdin Garage Doors June 21, 2021

Learning how to adjust the door travel on your Sears Craftsman garage door opener is essential to keeping it safe and operating effectively, as an improperly set garage door can be dangerous to young children and cars alike. However, the manual’s guidance may not clarify how to get the door travel adjustment right.

Aladdin Doors is here to help you make sense of this important task. Read on to learn more about how to adjust your Craftsman garage door opener.

Before getting started with the opener itself, check the garage door’s tracks. Tracks that are bent or damaged cause issues that look similar to those caused by door travel problems. Once you’ve determined that the tracks are in working order, follow these steps for adjusting your garage door opener.

Step 1: Adjust the Travel Limits

First, you’ll want to make sure the travel limits are set. Run your garage door through a complete travel cycle and see if it opens and closes. If adjustments are necessary, use the limit adjustment screws on the garage door monitor. On average, one turn of the screw equals about 2 inches of door travel.

Step 2: Adjust the Force

The next step is perhaps the most important — using the adjustment screws on the garage door monitor, set the upward and downward force to levels that allow the garage door to open and close properly.

Once you set them, test the door by opening and closing it. Try to stop the door with your hands when it’s in operation. If you can, move on to the next step. If not, continue adjusting until the garage door opens and closes but stops when you interrupt it with your hands.

Setting the proper downforce and upward force is vital to properly adjusting your Craftsman garage door opener. If the downforce is too strong, the garage door may crush anything in its way while closing. If the upward force is too weak, the garage door will fail to open the whole way, leaving your vehicle trapped inside.

Step 3: Test the Safety Reversal System

After you adjust your door, there are a few tests you need to run, starting with a Safety Reversal System test. While the garage door is open, lay a two-by-four flat under the door. Close the door and ensure it reverses when it hits the board. If it stops on the board without reversing, increase the down limit until it passes this test.

Step 4: Test the Protector System

While the garage door is in the up position, place a box on the ground in the door’s path, blocking the eye sensor. Using your remote, push the button to close the door. If the system is working, it will move less than an inch before stopping, and the opener lights will flash.

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