Aladdin Doors wants to be your source for professional garage door replacement in Hollywood, CA. We have the prices you want, the selection you need, and the quality of service that you expect. When we install your new garage door, it’s the beginning of a lifetime relationship with you. That’s why your happiness and satisfaction is our number one goal.

Replacing your door is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve curb appeal and increase your home’s value. With so many different models, styles and colors, it’s difficult to know what you want. At Aladdin Doors, we can help. Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation. We have doors to fit any budget and will bring lots of brochures, color samples, pricing for you to look at over a cup of coffee.

Every garage door has its own personality. From traditional to charming to contemporary, we’ve got you covered. Our garage doors are designed for easy operation and are built to last. We can handle every aspect of installation, from measuring to delivery to adding a new garage door opener if you choose. At the end of the day, we want to help you choose the right door that fits your lifestyle and home’s personality.

Aladdin Doors also specializes in repair, service, and maintenance of all brands of garage doors and openers. Have you seen the latest wi-fi garage door opener that opens and closes your door from your smartphone, tablet or computer? We’ve got it in stock and can add it to your new garage door installation package.

What are you waiting for? Call us today at (818) 210-4535 or schedule a free estimate online for professional garage door replacement in Hollywood, CA.