New Garage Doors in Plymouth, MN

By Aladdin Garage Doors May 25, 2018

Buying a new garage door isn’t something you do often so it pays to do some homework before you decide. With so many styles, colors, materials and price points, where do you start? Aladdin Garage Doors of Plymouth, MN is here to help.

Your first thought might be to pick out the lowest price door and save some money. After all, it’s just a garage door, right? Here are some reasons why cutting corners may not be the best idea when purchasing a quality replacement garage door.

Low Quality – Low-priced garage doors are typically low-quality made with poor materials that don’t last and offer minimal strength and security.

Increased Maintenance – You might think you saved a lot of money with an inexpensive door but think again. Since cheaper garage doors are typically not made as well as their better-built counterparts, they wear out sooner and create more maintenance.

Higher Energy Bills – When choosing a value-priced uninsulated door, you can almost count on higher energy costs throughout the year. Poor quality doors can’t keep out extreme temperatures and will cause your HVAC costs to skyrocket.

Low Security – A less expensive door is typically not as strong as a well-built door and consequently, may threaten your home security.

Shorter Life Span – The old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly true! Why not invest in a quality new garage door.

Aladdin Garage Doors of Plymouth, MN offers free in-home consultations to help you make the best decision based on your needs, budget, and taste. Choose from a variety of materials (steel, vinyl, wood), styles (modern, traditional, carriage house), colors and finishes, energy efficiency (insulated or non-insulated), and other options (windows, decorative hardware). We know how important it is to choose a well-made garage door that offers a smooth operation and one that reflects your home’s personality.

Call us today at (612) 314-3040 or schedule a complimentary consultation online. We look forward to meeting you to help you choose the best new garage door possible.