LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers: The Next Generation

By Al November 12, 2021


Electric garage door openers have been around since the mid-1920’s and almost everyone has one. Once seen as a luxury, they have evolved into a matter of safety, convenience, and necessity. More than 75% of Americans use their garage door as the primary entrance to their home. A quality garage door opener keeps out unwanted guests and gives you and your family an easy point of entry and exit. On average and with normal usage, garage door openers can last between 10-15 years. If you’re considering a new opener or replacing your existing one, now is the time. With new advances in technology, they can do more than just open and close your garage door.

The ordinary garage door opener is no longer ordinary. Introducing the next generation of LiftMaster® residential garage door openers, by Aladdin Doors®. For years, LiftMaster® has been known as the industry leader and #1 brand of professional garage door openers requested by homeowners across the country. They continually set the standard in garage door opener innovation, technology, and design with attributes not found in competitive brands. In fact, it’s the only opener Aladdin Doors® has ever carried. Let’s address the most popular model homeowners prefer: the professional series LiftMaster® belt drive garage door opener. 

LiftMaster® Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Equipped with a long lasting, durable motor and an industrial strength belt drive for quiet, smooth, steady performance, this garage door opener is ideal for a garage with a room next to or over the garage. While it requires less maintenance than a chain drive, it’s built for longevity with a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt. 

These are just some of the standard features that have been available on the LiftMaster® belt drive garage door opener:

  • Find out if someone opened your garage door, no matter where you are at any time.
  • Set the timer-to-close feature to automatically shut the door after a pre-programmed number of minutes.
  • Share and manage access to your home and enable smart access through Amazon Key-In Garage Delivery and Smart Vehicle Access capabilities for newer vehicles.

Now, it utilizes MyQ® technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, which instantly increase your home’s security through smartphone alerts. The latest upgrades reflect improved Wi-Fi® connectivity and better memory to support MyQ® technology.

What else is new and exciting?  

  • A new smart design, this opener sports a sleek, contemporary look and feel reflecting the latest in technology.
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology makes it easier to connect to the MyQ® app and other smart home technology solutions. 
  • Especially notable is the advanced, modern LED light featuring corner-to-corner lighting. Increase your garage functionality and safety, and never change a light bulb again.
  • A built-in camera will let you see what’s going on in your garage any time, day, or night. Add a streaming video, record events, and utilize two-way communication with the MyQ® app.
  • Operate your garage door when the power is out with the battery backup feature, built right in.
  • New remote diagnostic capabilities keeps track of your opener and alerts you when service is needed.

These new openers have exceptional features, and you won’t find them in big box stores. Now available from Aladdin Doors®, here are the model numbers:

  1. LiftMaster® Model 87504 Next Generation Secure View™ Smart Garage Door Opener with Built-in Camera, LED Corner-to-Corner Lighting™ System, Battery Backup, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive
  2. LiftMaster® Model 84501 – Next Generation Garage Door Opener with Integrated Dual LED Lighting System, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive

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