Aladdin Doors® of Naperville, IL wants to be your choice to replace your old opener with a new garage door opener.On average, an opener can last 10-15 years and longer if it is regularly maintained.Even if is working okay, there are good reasons to consider replacing it. Choosing the best garage door opener isn’t just about the brand or the cost.It’s about functionality, features and more.

New models offer better safety, security and convenience, not to mention new features that their old counterparts did not have.

  • Automatic reversal – If your opener does not have a safety reversing feature, or if it no longer works, a new opener is a must. Safety sensors, or photo eyes, are included on all new openers. They sit 6 inches from the floor on both sides of the door and will sense when something is in the way of the door being automatically closed. If there is an obstruction, the door stops and automatically reverses.
  • Quiet and smooth – A new opener will almost certainly be quieter, especially if its belt driven. A great option when noise is an option or for garages with rooms next to or on top of the garage.
  • Better security – Rolling security codes, automatic timer to close and longer LED lighting keep you and your family safer.
  • Wi-Fi capability – A smart garage door opener will operate your garage door from an internet connection that is utilized through a mobile app, your Smartphone or iPad from anywhere, at any time.It’s what most homeowners want.

For more information on new garage door openers from Aladdin Doors® of Naperville, IL, please call us at (630) 360-8794 or complete our online form. We look forward to meeting you.

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