Aladdin Doors specializes in professional, local garage door replacement in Katy, TX. If your original door is old and outdated, broken and faded, a brand-new garage door can instantly renew and refresh your property’s overall appearance. Aladdin Doors has just what you’re looking for.

Replacing your garage door is a big decision, one that should complement your home and budget. That’s why we provide a free in-home consultation to show you what’s new on the market from only the best manufacturers in the business. Today’s doors feature a quiet, smooth operation, durable construction for long-lasting performance and new safety and security features you’d expect from a new, modern garage door. Make a statement that says “welcome to my home” by choosing windows, decorative hardware and adding potted plants or tall trees or shrubs to the sides of your garage entrance. From the sale and expert installation to removal and haul away of your old door to garage clean up, we take care of every phase of the process in a timely, professional manner.

At Aladdin Doors, we’re not just interested in selling you the perfect door and then walking away. We are committed to being there for the lifetime of your door by providing regular maintenance and service whenever you need it. After all, we’re your one-stop-shop for garage door sales, installation, service and repairs. Our customers love our service and you will, too. You deserve the best garage door. You deserve Aladdin Doors®, call us today at (281) 502-8521.

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