How to Reset a Garage Door Code

By Aladdin Garage Doors July 15, 2021

How to Reset a Garage Door Code

Having a door code for your automatic garage doors is a convenient way to add another layer of safety to your home. But, what if you recently moved into a new home, and the realtor had access to the code?
Or you’ve lived in your home for years and haven’t changed the code since you created it?

While a keypad does make your life easier, you need to know how to change the opener code to keep you and your family safe.

Steps to Change Code for a Garage Door with Keypad

Here are five simple steps you can take to reset your garage door code. All you need is a stepladder and a friend to help you.

1. Check Your Batteries Before Resetting

Many garage door keypads and remotes are battery-operated. Before you reset the opener to program your garage door code, make sure the batteries in both devices are operational. When you’ve confirmed that the units have power and are working, you can begin resetting your garage door code.

2. Locate Your Garage Door’s Motor

Find a ladder and place it directly under the door opener. Have your friend wait by the keypad as you work. Then, climb up the ladder until you can reach the garage door without straining.

The motor can be on either side of the opener, with the left side panel being more common. If the motor is in this panel, gently swing the cover down. There will be hinges to keep it in place while you work.

3. Reset Your Motor’s Memory

Once you’ve found the motor, the next step is to locate the “reset” button. Depending on your model, the button may also say “learn” or “home.”

After you’ve located this button, press and hold it down, and an LED light will appear. Keep holding this button until the light turns off, then release it. Once the light is off, your old code is no longer in the system.

4. Input Your New Code

Press the button from step 3 again and keep your finger on it until the light returns, then release it.

This is where your friend who has been patiently waiting comes in — after the light returns, have them enter your new code into the keypad.

Once they enter the number, you may see the light begin to flicker on and off. This shows that the motor has validated your new code. Press the “reset,” “learn” or “home” button until the light stops flashing. Keep your finger on the button until the light turns off again.

5. Reconnect Remote Control to Opener

After turning the light off, come down from your ladder and — after making sure you and your friend are clear of the garage door — press and hold a button on your remote.

A few seconds later, the light on your motor will begin blinking again. Once you see this happen, your remote has accepted the new code as well. Replace the cover if needed and celebrate having successfully programmed your garage door opener keypad.

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