Danger can be everywhere, and it can be in our own home. Rooms that were often taken for granted and has least maintenance has a higher risk of that can cause potential injuries, one of it is the garage specifically its door. Many experts had proven that an old garage door is dangerous because anytime it will break down that may caused a damage to your property, worst is an injury to you and to your family.

So if you notice that your garage door needs repair, you better call Aladdin Garage Doors of Aurora, Illinois. They provide excellent 24 hour garage door repair service.You might want to check these garage door safety and security tips.

  1. Embrace Technology
    These days, you can choose a keychain garage door opener. This gives you a level of convenience and security that is not possible with a car visor opener.
  2. Educate Children of Garage Door Safety
    Garage doors are not to be played with under any circumstances. Children should be kept away from or supervised when around moving garage doors.
  3. Keep the Door Closed
    While it might be convenient to keep your garage door open, doing so could invite trouble into your home. Whether it is people scouting your garage for valuables or wild animals accessing stored food, both can easily be avoided by keeping your garage door shut and secure.
  4. Maintain Your Garage Door
    Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. In order to keep it functioning properly, your garage door should be maintained frequently. Just like other items around your home, the moving parts on your garage door need to be lubricated. Also, all fasteners should be checked to ensure they are tight and secure.
  5. Perform Regular Safety Checks
    Ensure that the safety features of your garage door work properly. When changing the batteries in your smoke alarms, check that all safety features are functioning on your garage door. These safety features include working photo eyes and a properly set operator to reverse when striking an object.
  6. Cover Your Windows
    Having windows in your garage adds a great deal of curb appeal but they also allow people to look inside. Cover the windows with attractive curtains or choose frosted windows instead.
  7. Spring for an Upgrade
    As with any door to the outside, your garage door should be designed to withstand the elements. Consider having a garage door with insulation installed and become more energy efficient.
  8. Keep it Locked
    Get into the habit of keeping your manual garage door locked. If you have an eclectic operator installed and it is engaged, this will act as a lock. Keeping your garage door locked is particularly important when you are out of town for an extended period of time.

Your garage door is designed to protect you and your belongings. Use these tips to get the most of it.

In return you need to take care of your garage door as well by scheduling a proper maintenance to avoid the cost of frequent repairs. Check the tip below for the list of maintenance tips.

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  1. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open
    One of the easiest ways you can take care of your garage door is simply by staying alert. Whenever you open or close it, watch to make sure it functions smoothly. The entire door should go up and down without any jerking. It should also be perfectly symmetrical. There should be very little noise and especially no alarming sounds like grinding or scraping.
  2. Tighten Your Hardware
    The average garage door is used well over 1,000 times each year. That’s a lot of mileage on all those small parts your system relies on to work properly. This means plenty of vibration is working its way toward loosening up everything from bolts to roller brackets. Fortunately, as long as you have a socket wrench and a few minutes, you can tighten everything up so that it works properly and without issue.
  3. Test the Door’s Balance
    A garage door that isn’t balanced stands very little chance of working correctly. This imbalance will eventually become a big enough issue that your garage door simply breaks because of all the stress put on the opener.To check the balance on your door, pull the red cord (or whatever your door uses as a release handle) and then manually move the door halfway up. If your door doesn’t stay there, the balance is amiss and you should call a professional.
  4. Inspect and Replace Any Broken Rollers
    Whether you rely on steel or nylon rollers, they should be inspected at least twice a year to ensure they haven’t become worn down or otherwise damaged. On average, they’ll need to be replaced once every seven years, but if you use your garage door more than most, you’ll probably need to replace your rollers sooner.This is an easy replacement to make as you can simply remove the brackets, slide the old rollers out, and then slide the new ones in.
  5. Check Your Weatherstripping Too
    Weatherstripping runs along the bottom of your garage door so that, when it’s shut, a secure seal is made. Check the stripping regularly and look for any areas where it may have become brittle, cracked or otherwise broken.
  6. Apply Lubrication
    All it takes is about 10 minutes a year to make sure your garage door is properly lubricated and working smoothly. Your home improvement store will once again have the supplies you need which is just some lubrication spray for the overhead springs and some white lithium grease for the chain or screw your opener uses.
  7. Inspect the Cables
    The high-tension cables used to lift your door are nothing to mess around with. You could be seriously injured or even killed. However, there’s no harm in checking around the bottom roller bracket to make sure they’re still intact and working well. If you do spot a problem, just call a professional.
  8. Test Your Safety Measures
    You should also look into your garage door’s safety features. This means sticking something like a brick or piece of wood on its threshold to ensure the door will back up once it hits this material. Most garage doors should also have a photocell component. If yours doesn’t, that probably means it’s quite old and you should think about replacing it.With the photocell component, shut the door and while closing, put your foot through the invisible beam. This should trip the system and send the door moving back up again.
  9. Clear out the Tracks
    The tracks of your garage door can become encumbered with all kinds of debris and other materials. So, now and then spend just a little time inspecting these tracks and cleaning them out as necessary.
  10. Clean Your Garage Door
    Check out your garage door regularly to look for places where it has become chipped, warped, or if the paint has peeled. For steel doors, ensure there are no rust spots or other issues. Whenever you wash your car, get in the habit of cleaning your garage door too.

Clearly, proper maintenance is a great way to save from repair cost. Aside from it, an early repair is a great way also to save you money. So if you notice damage or broken parts on your garage door, call Aladdin Garage Door of Aurora, Illinois immediately. They provide 24 hour garage door repair service so when trouble knocks on your garage door, they are ready to provide you service.