How a Garage Door Works

By Aladdin Garage Doors June 28, 2021

Most people don’t think about how a garage door opener works. It is too simple to push a button in the morning when you leave for work and not think about your garage again until you come back home — at least until it stops working correctly.

Understanding how garage door openers work can help you understand what’s happening when something goes wrong. Learn more about the function of garage doors, their openers and opener remotes from the experts at Aladdin® Doors.

Types of Garage Doors

Before we discuss garage door openers, let’s look at the door itself. There are many styles of garage doors to choose from, and one is sure to complement the rest of your property. Common styles include:

  • Raised-panel doors: This is the “classic” style. When this type of door is raised, it folds at the hinges.
  • Carriage doors: For a charming rustic flair, carriage doors work well. These doors are made up of two panels that open out from the middle, like a regular double door.
  • Slab doors: For a streamlined, modern look, slab doors are a new solution. These are typically made with glass and aluminum and move as a single panel without hinges.

There are a variety of materials you can select for your garage door as well, including:

  • Wood: Whether natural or faux, wood doors are a classic.
  • Steel: Steel provides you the most durable door possible.
  • Glass: This striking material yields a contemporary twist.

Choosing the style and materials for your garage door is a matter of personal preference. You should consider the most appealing option that fits your needs for maintenance and durability considerations. How the door works in terms of raising and lowering will depend on its opening style, with many using features such as tracks and springs to follow their designated patterns.

Garage Door Openers and Remotes

Today, most garage doors are automatic, meaning you can open them with the press of a button. But how does a garage door opener remote work, exactly? There’s a fascinating history.

Garage door opener remotes were invented in the early 1930s, with two inventors having the same idea at roughly the same time while working independently of each other. The original design worked as a radio transmitter with a single frequency. The remote would send this frequency signal to the garage door, and the door would open or close. However, this quickly became a security problem, as anyone with a garage door opener could open anyone else’s door.

Over the years, garage door opener remotes have become vastly more complex to combat this issue. The remote still works on a similar radio frequency, but it now sends a specialized code to the garage door opener to only work on a specific door. More advanced systems cycle through many codes, sometimes only using them once before changing again to ensure the utmost security.

Work With the Experts in Garage Door Maintenance and Installation

Garage doors require regular maintenance to continue working smoothly. Most experts suggest inspecting your garage door at least twice a year. Typical maintenance can include projects such as performing safety tests, replacing batteries and lubricating moving parts.

If your garage door needs professional care or you’re considering an upgrade, the highly trained staff at Aladdin Garage Doors can help. Pick the crew that provides award-winning garage door service from a location near you.




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