By Al January 29, 2022


Now that winter has arrived, what have you done to prepare your home for the season? Bringing in outdoor furniture, wrapping inside pipes, putting away the garden hose, cleaning up your landscaping, tuning the snow blower, ordering wood for the fireplace, bringing out those warm winter throws, putting up Christmas lights, etc. But what about your garage door? When was the last time you did any preventative maintenance, less a winter tune up? Garage door systems need to be maintained to keep them functioning properly and kept safe. When the temperature changes, that’s when we see garage door repairs increase. Don’t fall prey to a broken down garage door in the middle of the season. Call Aladdin Doors® today to book your winter tune-up/maintenance appointment. You’ll be happy you did.

Your garage door system consists of the door and all its components, as well as the garage door opener. There are several moving parts that need to work together to open and close a door weighing hundreds of pounds so it will operate daily on demand.

When the temperature dips below 30 degrees or less, lots of things can happen:

  • As the motor lubrication thickens in the cold, the door can become jerky or get stuck.
  • Springs can become brittle and easily split especially if they’re old and rusted.
  • Gears may break because the opener works harder in the cold to open and close the door.
  • Condensation and ice build-up at the bottom of your door can make it difficult or impossible to open and cause your bottom rubber stripping to rip or come off causing ice to form.
  • Moisture can significantly stress your opener and/or keypad to the point that it needs to be replaced.

Your garage door is under constant attack from freezing and damp weather conditions. All of this happens in the chilly winter months, creating a potential emergency call when you least expect it. I’ll bet you had no idea that all of this could be going on in your garage which could create a potential emergency service call. You wouldn’t leave your vehicles, or the rest of your home unprotected from the elements, so don’t leave your garage door system unprotected either. It’s easy with Aladdin Doors’ Winter Maintenance and Tune-Up.

What does a tune-up and maintenance service include?

First, our goal is to prolong the life of your garage door system, so it performs at its peak performance, remaining safe, quiet, and dependable. Once completed, our technicians will explain how to properly maintain your door and opener going forward, looking for potential problems before they become urgent. If it’s been a while since your last service call, I’m sure it’s been even longer since you’ve had maintenance done. That’s why it’s important to schedule an appointment now.

Our winter tune-up includes:

  • Adjust and/or lubricate all moving parts and components (springs, chains, pulleys, rollers, hinges, etc.)
  • Check tracks for damage, cracking or debris
  • Examine the door operation to detect rough, uneven movement, as well as scraping or grinding, and door balance
  • Review the garage door opener operation and safety sensor function
  • Look for warping, rust, or excessive wear on the garage door, panels, or sections
  • Checking the bottom rubber seal and weather stripping around the door to make sure it seals the door tightly when closed

Our technical staff will make sure that everything is in proper working order and note any warning signs that indicate a potential problem causing the system to stress or fail. We’ll let you know what must be done immediately, as well as what can wait, whatever makes sense. Work outside the tune up will only begin upon your approval. The good news is that we carry all standard replacement parts in our vehicles so we can handle any situation on the spot. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks and all credit cards and will email your receipt for easy record keeping.

Additionally, if you’re considering replacing your garage door or opener, we’d be happy to discuss it with you. We can set up a free in-home estimate, bring brochures, and color samples. Aladdin® Doors is a full-service garage door company. We are here to help with any needs and wants for your complete system.

Choose Aladdin Doors for Your Winter Maintenance Tune-Up

Don’t let the freezing temperatures make your garage door vulnerable to the harsh winter elements. Schedule a garage door Winter Preventative Maintenance and Tune Up at your convenience. Aside from garage door maintenance and tune ups, we provide fast garage door repair, replacement, and sales. Aladdin® Doors has been around for 20 years serving residential and commercial customers alike. Check out of five-star online reviews (there’s 2,000 and counting) to see what people say about us. Thank you in advance for your business.