Do you remember the last time you scheduled a garage door tune-up? If you can’t remember, then it’s a good time to call. Just like your automobile needs care and maintenance, your garage door and opener do, too. An annual tune-up, maintenance, and safety inspection is an affordable way to protect your door, extend its life and avoid future costly repair bills. Here are some more reasons:

Safety – Don’t miss the warning signs that something is about to go wrong with your garage door system. Maybe you noticed that your cables are frayed and are about to break. If the rail is bent but the door still operates, it’s only a matter of time before the door won’t open or close at all. Don’t wait. Be proactive and schedule your tune-up today.

Cost – It’s   to pay for the cost of a tune-up instead of waiting for a major repair to wreak havoc on your budget, right?

Extend the life expectancy – As much as you’d like to think your door will last forever, it won’t. But it will last longer if you take care of it regularly.

When you call Aladdin Garage Door Repair for your tune-up, you will meet with one of our well trained, experienced technicians in the St. Paul area. Here’s what you can expect:

A visual inspection of your garage door, putting it through a cycle to see how it’s working while checking for signs of wear and tear or damage

Clean dirt and debris that may be interfering with your door’s function due to a buildup in the rollers, tracks, under the door and on the safety sensors

Tighten any loose parts

Check and lubricate your springs, cables and other moving parts

Assure your door is in alignment, making standard adjustments when necessary

Provide tips on how to care for your door

Don’t wait! Call Aladdin Garage Door Repair of St. Paul, MN today at (651) 273-0607 or sign up online. Get your garage door tune-up soon. We’re waiting for your call.