As a homeowner you have to contend with many small repair issues that you can typically repair on your own. The leaky faucet you fixed last month wasn’t too difficult a job, and replacing the tiles in bathroom last year went without a hitch. Along comes the next adventure in home repair; your garage door has a broken spring and it will no longer close properly and it’s up to you to decide what to do. You are now faced with two choices, either doing it yourself, or hiring a pro to do the work for you. This is what you have to ask yourself, “Which is the smartest and safest choice?

Always Choose A Professional

The clear answer to the question is that you should always hire a professional to work on your garage door springs. Your garage door has a set of side extension springs as well as an overhead torsion spring, and these components are vulnerable to breakage if not properly maintained. It is also very important to replace them before they pass their manufactures recommended lifespan. The weight of a garage door is considerable and is made up of many moving parts that can cause serious injury if they are not handled in a safe manner. Another factor to consider is that your insurance company usually requires that this kind of critical work be performed by a licensed professional. When looking for the right company to hire in the Aurora Illinois area, find one the one that has the most experienced technicians in the industry. Aladdin Door of Aurora hire only the most experienced and dedicated technicians who will ensure that your garage door is repaired and adjusted, so that it operates in a smooth and efficient manner.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

On the surface it may appear that doing it yourself might save you money, but when you really examine the negative aspects of this method, you will clearly see that this is not the case. When a professional is hired to do the job, they provide a guarantee on their labor as well as the manufacturer’s warranty on the replaced parts. They are well schooled in employing the appropriate techniques to do the job safely and efficiently as well as spot any issues with other parts that may need repair. At Aladdin Doors of Aurora  we train our service staff to employ the latest and safest methods that are approved for replacing your garage door springs as well as all other service repair that they perform. Here is what makes us the “go to” company for garage door spring repair.

  • We provide a 24/7 emergency repair service
  • Our service vehicles are fully stocked with spare parts
  • We make safety a top priority
  • Fully licenced and certified technicians

Choose the most experienced garage door repair company to handle all your maintenance and repair needs. Call our service department at Aladdin doors of Aurora Illinois today to book your onsite visit from one of our certified technicians.  (630) 256-8999Learn more about the other services we provide.