The Risk of Do-It- Yourself Garage Door Spring Replacement

The garage door is no ordinary door, it has some parts for it to function with ease and convenience. One of the most important parts of a garage door is its torsion spring. Torsion spring is responsible with the opening and closing of a garage door. Torsion spring weakens over the year, and it’s highly recommended that have your garage door check by an expert. Call Aladdin Garage Door of Raleigh, North Carolina, if your garage door needs repair. Their technician is highly skilled to determine whether your garage door spring will need a repair or a replacement. It is highly recommended to let an expert handle the spring replacement of your garage door because it’s a risky DIY task. Here’s a good reason for you to understand why garage door replacement needs a certified technician. First seen on: (


Understanding Garage Door Springs

Garage doors have two different types of springs. Torsion springs attach above the closed garage door, and extension springs are on the upper tracks on the sides of the door. Both can break, and both can be dangerous. Springs on garage doors are wound very tightly to create the tension on the door that will allow it to lift. When they break, they snap with such force that they can cause serious injury if someone is nearby. When a do-it- yourself homeowner is tackling a garage door spring repair or replacement, this is a very real and serious risk.

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Before Calling the Professional

If the spring is noisy or squeaky, it may just need to be lubricated.

This does not pose much risk, as long as you don’t actually touch the  the springs while lubricating them. If a liberal dose of silicone lubricant does not fix the noise, then it’s time to call in a professional garage door repair technician — because the sound likely means a serious problem is brewing.

If your springs break completely or if they continue to make noise after you lubricate them, you

Consider this: a garage door can weigh more than 500 pounds, and springs lift all of that weight. This means that the strength and tension of those springs is quite intense. One wrong move can send the spring whipping toward your body, which can cause serious, even fatal, injury. This is not a risk you want to take.

 Calling a professional is the right option because they will:

  • Have the right tools to ensure the measure and cut the correct size spring.
  • Have the right tools to properly install the springs with the right tension.
  • Know how to install springs safely to avoid accidents.
  • Will ensure that the door is properly balanced.
  • Can properly wind torsion springs to avoid problems.

In addition, you might want to check below the potential danger of garage door replacement if you do it by yourself.

You hear a loud bang like a gunshot coming from your garage. You run to take a look and you notice that the spring above your garage door has broken in two.Anxiously, you wonder if you could perhaps change the garage door spring yourself. Well, we strongly advise against it, and here’s why.

“My brother-in-law did it, so I should be able to do it, too.”

The counterweight system, which is secured by the springs, is connected to the hinge at the bottom of the door, to the lifting cable and to the steel shaft (tube) housing the spring. The entire system is under extreme tension, equivalent to the total weight of the door. Trying to lift the bottom hinge that is solidly bolted to the door is like lifting anywhere from 125 lb (single door) to 225 lb (double door). If you also have a row of windows on your door, add about 5 to 15 lb per window. One false move and you could end up injuring your face or hand.

“Only one of the two springs is broken!”

Even if you think it’s only 50% of the weight of the door that’s being held, you should know that it’s still too much. The most important thing is your safety—especially avoiding any serious injury. In the end, you also have to properly balance the two springs in order to prevent your door from rebounding.

“My door opener will hold the door.”

The drive mechanism that pulls the door to lift or lower it wasn’t designed to hold that much weight. A door opener is simply a substitute for human action, as if you were to lift your door with one hand. A well-balanced door weighs between 8 and 10 lb and the acceptable variance for proper balance is around 5% of the total weight of the door.

Do business only with licensed professionals

Garage door spring repair requires experience and expertise. It’s important to correctly calculate the total weight of your garage door, including any attached parts and also accounting for weight of the windows, if any.


Remember, having a professional to do the springs, repair or replacement on your garage, or upgrade you open door will help you save money. It can also let contractors in when you need garage door replacement in Raleigh, NC can be your great ally when it comes to any kind of garage door repair and replacement needs. Call us today at (919) 335-7907 for quality service!