If you’re looking for an experienced garage door spring replacement company in Minneapolis, MN, Aladdin Garage Door Repair is the one to choose.

Garage door springs lift the door and make it possible to raise the door manually without a motor. Whenever your springs break, you’ll hear a loud “bang” and the door could come crashing down. This is dangerous! Don’t try to lift the door or disconnect the opener. Call a garage door repair specialist to have them professionally and safely installed.

Torsion Vs. Extension Springs

There are two kinds of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are mounted in the middle of the shaft above the garage door and support more weight and last longer. Extension springs operate on a pulley system and are placed above the horizontal track of the garage door. If your door is equipped with two springs and only one break, we always replace both of them. They work together similar to your front brakes on your car, i.e. you wouldn’t replace only one brake, would you?

High Cycle Vs. Standard Cycle Springs

Garage door springs are rated in cycles and replacement is based on garage door usage. The average standard cycle spring will open and close the door about 10,000 times/cycles (about 10-20 times a day if you use your door a lot) and may last 5 or more years. If you are replacing springs every 4-5 years and plan on staying in your home for a long time, you may want to consider high cycle springs.

100,000 high cycle springs have a lifetime warranty and last ten times longer than their standard cycle counterparts. Why not consider high cycle springs to minimize the risk of making urgent and frequent repairs?

For years, Aladdin Garage Door Repair of Minneapolis, MN has specialized in replacing garage door springs. Ask our technician if standard springs or high cycle springs would be best for your garage. We offer same day appointments when you call us by 2 pm, or your service call will be free. We offer senior and military discounts, too. Please call us at (612) 314-3040 for garage door spring replacement today. We look forward to meeting you soon.