Minneapolis Garage Door Maintenance: Seasonal Checklist for Longevity

By Aladdin Garage Doors May 19, 2018

Minneapolis Garage Door Maintenance: Seasonal Checklist for Longevity

When was the last time you had garage door service, maintenance, or a tune-up? If you can’t remember, it’s time to schedule a seasonal garage door maintenance appointment. The old saying “don’t fix it if it’s not broken” doesn’t necessarily apply to your garage door system. It’s a good idea to periodically check all the working parts of your garage door and garage door opener to head off any potential problems every season. To ensure your garage door continues to deliver top performance, maintenance should be performed throughout the year, protecting it from the harsh, cold winters and hot, humid summers. 

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Tips


Minnesota is known for its long, cold winters that bring rounds of snow, sleet, and ice storms. While we shield our cars from the elements inside our garage, it’s equally important to protect our garage door system so it remains reliable when we need it the most. As a homeowner, what can you do before the first snow?  Here are some garage door maintenance tips:

  • Thoroughly inspect your overhead door to identify wear and tear, damage, or potential issues. This includes the door panels, the door itself, springs, tracks, rollers, and hinges. Note any areas of concern for your next repair or maintenance appointment.
  • Remove dirt, debris and spider webs from the tracks, rollers, and lubricate all moving parts. Cold weather can cause lubricants to become thick and gummy, impacting your tracks and garage door opener. Using an all-weather lubricant will help significantly. 
  • Check your weather stripping around the garage door and the rubber seal at the base of the door. If it’s loose, cracked or worn, schedule an appointment to replace it.
  • When snow or ice make it impossible to raise your door, use a sharp object to pick at the ice around the base of the door, instead of continually using the opener to open it. Doing so will do damage to your opener. You can also try using a blow dryer to melt the ice away.
  • Replace the batteries in all your remote controls. Just as you change smoke detector batteries seasonally, do the same with your remotes.


As the snow melts and temperatures warm, it’s time to check out your residential garage door system again. Whether it’s a wooden garage door, steel door or uninsulated door, here’s what to do:

  • Wash both sides of your garage door, wiping away old salt that may have accumulated on and around your door. Don’t use a pressure washer as it may damage your door.  
  • Remove any dirt or dust near the photo eye sensors so the door easily closes without delay. Also, check the tracks and rollers for dirt and debris.
  • Bring lawn tools, etc. to the front of your garage for easy access when the weather starts to break. 
  • Perform clean up and lube all moving parts, as stated above (Winter).


Tips for summer maintenance to ensure your garage door performs its best include:

  • Schedule a Saturday to clean and lube all moving parts, as stated above (Winter).
  • Examine your garage door for rust, dents and unusual wear and tear. Consider getting a free estimate to replace panels or the door from a reputable garage door company. 
  • Move shovels, sleds, snowblowers to the back of the garage allowing summer items to be up front, i.e., lawn mowers and tools, golf clubs, pool toys, etc.
  • Check and replace the batteries in all your remote controls, if necessary.


Garage door maintenance in the fall gives you a jump start in winter, which can often come sooner than later. It’s another time to do a mini check-up on your garage door.

  • Perform clean up and lube all moving parts, as stated in the above garage door maintenance tips (Winter).
  • Put summer tools and sporting equipment away from the door, bringing out the winter gear early (shovels, snow blowers, etc.).

Checking your door every season will tell you if you have any changes in your garage door system because you’ll know how it’s supposed to look and sound.

6 Year-Round Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Just as you would regularly have your car tuned up, the oil changed, tires rotated and do a 21 point safety inspection, your garage door deserves the same dedicated attention. After all, it’s not just to house your vehicles, it’s an important part of your home’s security and curb appeal. 

By taking a few minutes, stop, look, and listen to your garage door. You might find an issue before it gets any worse. Identifying the signs that your garage door needs maintenance or repairs and addressing them quickly are important for your safety. Don’t miss the warning signs that something is about to go wrong. Did you notice that your cables are frayed and are about to snap?  If the rail is bent but the door still operates, it’s a matter of time before the door won’t open or close. Remember, a properly functioning garage door system enhances your home’s security, preventing unauthorized access and intrusions Some other indicators include:

  • The door opens and/or closes slowly
  • It makes uneven or jerky movements
  • The door is off balance or crooked
  • It’s unusually loud, makes a grinding or scraping noise, sometimes a sign you need new bottom roller brackets and/or rollers
  • The springs look weak, rusted or like they’re going to break
  • The door is sagging
  • You see loose hardware, which could strain your door or opener
  • It’s been too long since you’ve had your garage door serviced

As much as you’d like to think your door will last forever, it won’t. But it will last longer if you take care of it regularly. That’s where the professionals from Aladdin® Doors step in. Our preventative maintenance program will help you avoid expensive garage door repair bills and emergency appointments. We make it easy and affordable. During a garage door tune-up, maintenance and safety inspection, our professional technicians will:

  • Check and adjust door balance, hinges, rollers, cables, bearings, springs, tracks, and sensors
  • Lubricate gears and other moving parts to prevent grinding, stripping, and premature failure
  • Examine tracks for obstructions and signs of wear
  • Check and adjust all garage door opener components
  • Inspect weather stripping and bottom rubber
  • Inspect door/sections for damage, cracks, and wear
  • Make recommendations for repair or replacement, if applicable

Contact Aladdin Doors to Protect Your Garage Doors

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