When it comes to garage door replacement in Pasadena, CA, most people would rather remodel the bathroom or kitchen or repaint the home exterior rather than think about a new garage door. But when your old original door is loud and weather-beaten and needs a facelift, let Aladdin Doors help. We not only sell and install garage doors and openers, we repair and maintain them as well. We’re your one-stop shop, you might say. It’s our business and we love what we do.

Real estate agents tell us that a new garage door is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to dress up your home and add more value. If you’re like most homeowners who have never replaced a garage door, it can be a daunting task. With Aladdin Doors shop-at-home service, we offer a free consultation in the privacy of your home. We’ll bring new product brochures, color and stain samples, pricing and will provide some great recommendations for your new door.

Unless you want a totally new look, it’s best to select a style to match your home’s architecture. Tradition doors look nice on a ranch style home while carriage style doors bring some old world charm to your property and stand out from your neighbors. Modern homes are best complemented by contemporary doors or possibly a custom door if you wish.

Aladdin Doors would like to meet you and your garage door. Call us today at (818) 696-5557 or schedule an appointment online for the best garage door replacement in Pasadena, CA.