Garage Door Opener Replacement in Burnsville, MN

By Aladdin Garage Doors May 24, 2018

Garage door opener replacement isn’t something you’d do often. On average, a garage door opener should last about 10–15 years, depending on usage of course. When regular maintenance isn’t performed, if moving parts aren’t lubricated, if the door isn’t balanced correctly, etc., your opener may wear out faster.

Here are some ways you can tell that your opener is failing and needs replacement:

1. Your opener makes a grinding noise but doesn’t move.

2. The motor keeps running.

3. Your remote control is slow to react or just doesn’t work.

4. The inside wall unit fails to operate.

5. Something is blocking the door, causing it not to close.

6. The power source is disrupted.

Call Aladdin Garage Door Repair of Burnsville, MN to see what’s new in garage door openers. Modern openers are safer, quieter and offer more functions than those of the past. In fact, many openers now offer Wi-Fi capability, which allows you to open and close your door from your smart-phone, tablet or computer. It’s the newest rage and everyone wants one! If your current opener was manufactured before 1993, it will not have the necessary safety sensors that the law requires. These sensors keep the door from closing if something is in the way, i.e. an object, child, etc. Modern openers now feature rolling codes which keep hackers from being able to access your door. What a great time to replace that old, sluggish garage door opener! We feature openers from LiftMaster and Aladdin that come in drive, belt drive and jackshaft configurations. Our technicians carry all models in their vehicles and will be happy to explain the differences to best suit your needs.

It Doesn’t Have a Battery Backup

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers: Popular among homeowners looking for a reliable and cost-effective garage door system, this type of opener works by moving a trolley along a chain to raise and lower the door. Many homeowners will find a chain drive opener to be perfect for their needs!

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers: These openers share many similarities with chain drive models, except that a belt is used instead of a chain to operate the door. This synthetic belt is low-noise, so if your garage is located below or next to a quiet room in the home such as a bedroom, it can be a great choice! These openers require little maintenance over time as the belt is designed to be long-lasting and lubrication free.

Jackshaft Garage Door Openers: If you have headroom concerns in your garage and won’t be able to fit a chain or belt drive opener, a jack shaft garage door opener is just what you need! These side-mounted openers take up very little space, are highly dependable, and they are among the quietest garage door openers available.

For more about our residential garage door openers, please see the resources provided below!