Welcome to the world of garage door openers, brought to you by Aladdin Doors® of Durham, NC. Garage door openers are wonderful. They make your coming’s and going’s a lot easier by lifting and closing your door upon demand, so you don’t have to. You rely on them day in and day out, rain or shine, no matter what the weather. Just about everyone’s got one! If your opener is showing its age and starting to struggle, you might want to consider upgrading it. Here are some reasons why.

Safety sensors that automatically reverse your door. This means that when something or someone is in the way of your door closing, the door will automatically reverse. If your opener is older than 1992 or isn’t built with an electronic reversing system, you could be responsible for any accidents that could happen with a non-compliant opener. Safety sensors or photo eyes aren’t just a nice feature to have, they’re required by law. Does your opener have safety sensors?

Improved security. Many old garage door openers use a fixed code which can make your garage and your home vulnerable to burglars. Have you ever seen your garage just magically open on its own? Interference from police radios or a tower near your house can disrupt the signal. Your neighbor may be on the same frequency. Problem solved! Today’s new openers often come with a ‘rolling code’ feature which changes every time you use the door. Brilliant!

Whisper quiet operation. Over time openers tend to get noisier. Openers now are much quieter, especially when choosing a belt drive, known for its smooth, quiet operation. Shh … baby sleeping.

Battery Backup. If you suffer a power outage from a big storm or other reason, you won’t be able to utilize your garage door opener. When you pull into the driveway, you’ll expect your door to open with the remote. When it doesn’t, you’ll try the keypad, and you might get drenched from the rain. If you don’t have your front door key, you’ll have no way to enter your home. That’s when battery backup makes sense. Don’t get stuck. Be prepared with a battery backup garage door opener.

New technology. Smart technology is everywhere and now you can find it in your garage door opener. Through a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to operate your door from anywhere at any time using your Smartphone, home computer or tablet. Receive alerts if someone is opening your door. Pre-program your door to automatically close after a set period. Turn your Smartphone into a remote control. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get one of these before.

Chain. Belt. Jackshaft. Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi. It’s up to you. We will show you the features, the prices and recommend what we feel would work best for your garage. We carry an extensive inventory in our vehicles, so we’ll have exactly what you need when you need it.

Because you can. Install a new garage door opener because you can. You can because they’re affordable. You can because they’re quieter, improve security and have more safety and convenience features. You can because one can be installed today. That’s right, today. Ask about our same-day service.

Whether you want assurance that your door will always close, have a medical condition that won’t allow you to open the door yourself, or want the convenience that a garage door opener offers, a new opener makes a lot of sense. What used to be a luxury back in the day, is now a mainstay necessity that just about every homeowner or business owner has. Don’t be left out. Call Aladdin Doors® of Durham, NC at (919) 289-8505 for garage door opener replacement, installation, service and maintenance. We look forward to working with you soon.

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