If you’ve noticed that your garage door is off track, don’t try to open it! Failure to do so can result in serious damage to your garage door and create a potentially dangerous situation for you and your family. How could this have happened?

Your garage door may have slipped its tracks for several reasons.

  • The door may be unbalanced, making one side heavier than the other causing it to go off track.
  • Tracks that are damaged or are too loose or too tight will no longer be able to guide the door properly.
  • Tracks that are no longer straight prohibit the door from gliding up and down safely and smoothly which can make the door stick or even derail.
  • Dirty tracks can cause the door to slide unevenly. Keep your garage clean and swept regularly to avoid a buildup of dirt and sediment in your tracks.
  • If you attempted to operate the door opener with the lock engaged, the door could jam and slip off the tracks.
  • When safety sensors are not properly working, they may not detect an obstacle in the way and allow the door to close, creating the door to go off track.
  • Old springs or old cables that help open and close the door may lose their tension or break and will force the door off track.

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