Although spring is just around the corner, how the cold weather affects your garage door may make a difference in using your door when the weather finally warms up.

Door Frame – When there are fluctuating temperatures and an increase in moisture, your garage door may warp. Is the door getting stuck all of a sudden? Is the door rubbing against the frame? Maybe the door just won’t open anymore.

Bottom Rubber Weather Stripping – Bottom rubber weather stripping is that piece at the bottom of your door that helps keep air and water out of your garage. Ice, snow and freezing rain can get in between the bottom rubber piece and pull away from the bottom of the door causing it to freeze to the concrete …something that happens frequently in Minneapolis, MN.

Springs, Tracks, and Openers – Cold weather can leave an automatic garage door opener stuck. It can also cause springs, tracks, and other parts to fail, too. Now is the time to schedule a garage door maintenance, tune-up, and safety inspection appointment. Adjusting and lubricating all working parts is important to not only extend their life but to assure they are working properly as we head into a new season. Don’t wait until you are stuck in your garage and can’t get out. Then it becomes an emergency and a whole lot of frustration for you!

Garage Door Exterior Finish – Over time, your garage door may become old and faded looking. If your door is weather-beaten, out-dated and has chronically been having problems, you may want to consider replacing your garage door. Find out what’s new in garage door styles, colors, and construction. You might be surprised how reasonable it could be to give your home an immediate facelift with a new garage door.

Now that you’ve learned how cold weather affects your garage door, and especially if you’re having problems with the door, Call Aladdin Garage Doors of Minneapolis, MN to schedule an appointment today at (612) 314-3040 or complete our online request form. Call us by 2 pm and we promise to serve you the same day, or your service call will be FREE!