When you pull into the driveway and press the remote, you expect your garage door to open. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your garage door won’t open or close properly.

  1. Making sure the garage door is fully closed, disconnect the opener by pulling the emergency release cord. Try to lift the door. If the door opens easily by hand, the problem is the opener. If the door still opens half way, the problem is the door.
  2. If your garage door’s track or garage door opener isn’t adequately lubed, the door can become stuck when opening or closing. To add more lubricant you can use standard spray machine oil. Or, you can call a garage door repair company in Minneapolis, MN to do a maintenance/tune-up to ensure you have sufficient lubrication, etc.
  3. Most garage door tracks are made from aluminum which can easily warp over time. Ladders, tools or other objects can interfere with the track and bend it so the door can’t open or close fully. When the weather changes, rails can expand or contract causing the frame to become distorted and make the door jam.
  4. When your garage door spring breaks the door usually won’t open at all, however, some spring problems can cause a door to stick. The springs work with the pulleys that help lift the door. A pulley can become jammed by a hung-up cable. If this is the case, you need to call a garage door professional in Minneapolis, MN since both springs and pulleys can be very dangerous to work with.

5. Every garage door opener has safety sensors that are found at the bottom of either side of the garage door. Sensors must be aligned properly because they sense when objects are in the way of the door opening and closing. If the sensors are not in alignment or are blinking, the door won’t open or close properly. When your garage door gets stuck or just won’t open or close , call Aladdin Garage Doors of Minneapolis, MN today at (612) 314-3040 or complete our online appointment request form. When you call us before 2 pm, we promise same day service or your service call will be free! We look forward to meeting you soon.