Garage Door Cables Repair in Eagan, MN

By Aladdin Garage Doors May 24, 2020

When your Residential or Commercial garage door struggles to open, or just won’t open or close at all, call your professional local garage door cables repair in Eagan, MN: Aladdin Doors. When one side of your garage door is higher than the other or suddenly collapses, you might have frayed or broken garage door cables. As cables get older, they experience wear and tear and over time, will weaken and eventually snap. Rust can corrode and eat through cables, too. When the cables break or if the cables are too loose, the door won’t move and could come crashing down! If cables are too tight, the door isn’t going to close all the way.

A garage door cable is like a rope. Just like small pieces of rope are twisted together to make a thicker rope, a lot of little wire cables wind together to make a strong, thick cable. If one of the small cables break, it could fray the other little cables around it until the whole thing eventually snaps. No matter the cause, a broken cable is a big problem and warrants a call to a professional garage door repair company.

Aladdin Garage Door Repair in Eagan, MN is equipped and experienced to handle expert garage door cable repair. With over 15 years’ experience, our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured for your safety and peace of mind. Our vehicles are stocked with standard replacement parts (including cables, of course) for on-site repair so you can move on with your busy day. Best of all when you call us by 2 pm, we guarantee service the same day or your service call will be free. We allow a two-hour window to complete the job and will call you to confirm our arrival. We want to earn your business and we treat our customers just like family.

Aladdin Garage Door Repair serves the Eagan, MN area. Please call us at (612) 314-3040 today to get on our schedule or go online to secure an appointment for broken garage door cable repair in Eagan, MN.

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