By Al March 23, 2021

After a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, life as we once knew it has changed. We are encouraged to stay home to avoid contacting the virus. Our children are learning remotely instead of face-to-face instruction. We pick up or have our meals delivered rather than dine in at our favorite eatery. Family gatherings are limited or non-existent. So have events like weddings and large funerals.  Shopping habits have shifted from in-store to online buying. In fact, I never thought I’d become an avid Amazon shopper, but I have. The convenience. The selection. The price. The delivery.  It’s fast and sometimes free.  It’s easy to use and easy to get addicted, isn’t it?  But what about your packages?  Are they safe when they’re left outside? When packages arrive and you’re not home, you take a chance that “porch pirates” lurking in the bushes will snatch your merchandise. No more! With a LiftMaster™ “Smart” Wi-Fi garage door opener from Aladdin Doors, your packages can be delivered safe and sound through a program called Key by Amazon, a new in-home delivery service that’s free. What does Key by Amazon have to do with your garage door opener?

Here’s how it works. After you purchase your Wi-Fi garage door opener from Aladdin Doors,  download the MyQ™ app. Prime members shopping on will select “in garage delivery” at checkout. On delivery day, you will receive four notifications via the Key app: when the driver is in route, when he arrives at your home, when the garage door opens securely and your package is placed securely inside your garage, and when the garage door closes.  By the way, the driver will enter a code on his device enabling him to open your garage door and will not move on to his next delivery until the garage door closes.  How safe and secure is that!

Your garage is typically the main entry point into your home and is often used more than your front door. That’s why it’s important to have a quality garage door opener to provide reliable and consistent access. Our openers bring a smooth and dependable operation while giving you the control and safety that you want in a garage door opener.  Not sure which opener is best for your garage? Choose from three basic types:  chain, belt, and jackshaft, all with Wi-Fi connectivity. While the chain is known as the ‘workhorse’ standard garage door opener, the belt is preferred when quiet operation is important. The jackshaft, on the other hand, is wall mounted vs. ceiling where space is an issue. Our technicians carry all types of openers and accessories with them and will be happy to explain the differences in features and benefits.

With Wi-Fi, turn your home into a “smart” home and control your garage door from anywhere at any time using your Smartphone, iPad, or computer. When you download the MyQ™ app, receive push notifications when your garage door opens or closes. After you’ve left home, you might wonder whether you remembered to close the garage door. Now you’ll be able to check to see if it’s open or shut. Are you expecting visitors? Are your kids coming home early from school today? Open your garage door from your device so they can gain entry into your home. Set up times to automatically open and close your door. Establish rolling codes which change every time you use the door to discourage anyone trying to access your home. With built-in safety sensors, if contact is made between your garage door and a person or object while it’s closing, the door will automatically reverse.  Choose a battery backup model that lets you operate your garage even with the power goes out.  With safety and convenience features packed into every opener, plus the convenience of utilizing Key by Amazon, who could ask for anything more?

Wi-Fi garage door openers make your comings and going’s a lot easier by opening and closing your door upon demand, so you don’t have to do.  You rely on them day and night, rain or snow, sunshine or moonlight, no matter what the weather.  At Aladdin Doors, ask about same day installation. Call today to get more details on replacing your old garage door opener.  From a company with thousands of five-star reviews and repeat business that comes from our dedication to quality service and affordable pricing, we are honored to work with you soon.

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