Is your garage door not opening? Does the door get stuck and open only half way? Has your door been damaged? Has it been a while since you’ve had any maintenance done on your garage door opener? Let’s take a look at some of the more common garage door and opener repairs and why you might want to call a professional. Garage doors and garage door openers have many components that can need repair over time. They include: * Springs – If your spring breaks your garage door will not open. Because garage door springs are under extreme tension, replacing a spring can be very dangerous and requires an experienced professional. * Cables – Garage door cables can snap or come off the pulley. They are responsible for carrying the load of the door. If the cable breaks, the door won’t open. * Rollers – Rollers allow your door to perform a smooth open and close. When they are bent or broken they need replacement. * Track – The track holds and guides the rollers’ smooth operation. If it is bent or out of alignment, it can affect the other parts of the garage door. * Remote Controls, Wall Units and Outside Keypads – These are the key components that allow you to enter and exit your garage. * Safety Sensors – Safety sensors sense when objects are in the way of the door closing. If they are not in alignment or are blinking, the door won’t close and will reverse. * Door Sections – If your garage door is hit and damaged, it may be possible to replace a section of the door instead of replacing the entire door. * Garage Door Openers – There are several reasons your door opener is not working. It is recommended to have a professional diagnose the problem. If you are experiencing these problems, click here to have one of our staff schedule an inspection.