Did you know an average two car garage door weighs about 500 lbs? If you’re repairing your own garage door and it falls on you, you can do more damage to the door and more importantly, severely injure yourself. The garage door springs can fly off the winding bar with enough tension to really hurt or kill someone. Your fingers or hands can get stuck in the pulleys. If you don’t set and adjust the garage door opener and safety sensors properly, you could be negligent if a child or pet gets hurt if the door comes smashing down on them. Springs, rollers, tracks, cables, panels and your opener can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why would you want to risk it?

The Top Ten Aladdin Garage Doors Safety Tips

  1. If you think your garage door springs are broken, continuing to operate your door can be dangerous and cause more damage to the door and door opener, not to mention serious injury or even death. For safety reasons, have your springs serviced by a professional garage door company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Broken springs are nothing to fool around with!
  2. Learn how to manually open your garage door in the event of an emergency or if your opener is not working. Never pull the emergency release cord if the door is in the up (open) position.
  3. Stay away from the door, especially when it’s open or moving. When children hang or ride on the garage door, they can easily pinch fingers, choke, break bones, or worse. Make sure children understand the garage door is not something to play on.
  4. Don’t stand or walk under a moving garage door, or try to “beat the garage door” before it closes. Your door opener is equipped with safety sensors to make sure that nothing blocks the path of the door when it is closing. Have your sensors professionally inspected annually.
  5. Your wall mount control should be no less than five feet from the garage floor so kids can’t reach it.
  6. Don’t use your garage door as a ‘lock’ to your home. Lock your home entry door even when the garage door is closed.
  7. Become familiar with your garage door locking feature. Some openers have a locking track system or an electronic lock. When you go on vacation it’s a great idea to just unplug it.
  8. Never leave your garage door opener remote control in a car parked outside of your garage for obvious reasons.
  9. Leaving your car running with the garage door closed can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  10. Set up an annual garage door maintenance schedule with a trusted garage door company to ensure your door and opener are properly working, lubricated, etc.

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