Can’t Get Out of the Garage in Minneapolis, MN

By Aladdin Garage Doors May 21, 2018

When you can’t get out of the garage as a result of a bad, damaging storm, you might experience a power outage, causing your garage door to stop working. Your car is stuck in the garage and you need to get to work or that doctors’ appointment. Now, what do you do? How can you get out? Should you call a garage door repair company? Here’s how you can manually open your garage door in the event of a power outage until help arrives.

First, make sure your door is completely closed. Disconnect your garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. It has a red handle and it usually hangs from the center rail of your door opener. As you lift the door carefully, make sure no one is standing near the door in case it suddenly falls. The door should open easily and evenly. If it doesn’t you may need to have your springs balanced soon. Okay! Now you can get your car out of the garage.

Once the power has returned, reconnect the opener to your garage door. The garage should be unlocked before you reconnect the opener. If you forget to do this you’ll cause serious damage.

If your door is unstable or still won’t open, you’ll need to call a professional garage door repair company for help. Aladdin Garage Doors Repair of Minneapolis, MN wants to be your first (and only) call. Call us today at (612) 314-3040. We look forward to meeting you and your garage door whenever you need us or in this case when you can’t get out of the garage.