Garage door openers are are one of those modern conveniences that we take for granted. That is, until they break down and leave us in a bind. This never happens at a convenient moment, and you may not have the luxury of spending a long time researching the market. There are many brands to choose from in Austin Texas, but not all are designed for every application. So what are the key features to look for when shopping for a model that’s suitable for your needs?

Consult a Pro

Garage door openers are generally designed to provide years of service, but at some point they will need replacement. Depending on whether you have a garage door that is attached to your home, or it is a stand alone structure, will largely determine the  appropriate type of opener. There are 3 types of  openers; belt drive, screw drive and chain drive. The quietest of the 3 and the one that requires the least amount of maintenance is the belt drive system. Though it is typically the more costly of the 3, it is the best suited if your garage is physically attached to your home, or situated in a semidetached or row housing. The pros at Aladdin Doors of Austin Tx are experts at helping you pick out the right brand opener and recommending the right size of unit that matches the size of your door. A ½ horsepower unit is suitable for a small door and is the most economical and the most popular on the market. A ¾  horsepower motor is perfect for a large door and is durable and dependable. The 1 horsepower unit is the most robust of the motors and is intended for the heavy doors.

Safety is the First Priority

Besides the actual mechanism that opens the door, the safety systems that make up the opener are extremely important. The first safety system is an electric eye that detects if their is something in the way, such as a child, and reverses the door. The second system reverses the door when it comes in contact with any  obstruction and immediately reverses the doors direction. The third safety feature is a release lever located near the opener that disengages the mechanism completely allowing you to manually open the door. The technicians at Aladdin doors of Austin can expertly install your door and test the safety equipment to make sure it operates according to the manufacturer’s standards.Here are a few more features to look for when choosing the right garage door opener for your specific needs.

  • Choose an opener that has a remote with a “rolling code” feature for enhanced security
  • Ensure your opener has a vacation setting so you can disable your unit while you are away
  • A battery backup system will keep it working during a power failure
  • Installing an exterior keypad so you can open your door without the remote

For help in choosing the right garage door opener for your needs, contact Aladdin doors of Austin to schedule an appointment with one of our sales specialist. Call us at (512) 823-0028.Learn more about the other services we provide.