By Al November 2, 2020

Your garage door is probably the most used door in your household. Did you know that the average garage door can open and close an average of 1,500 times annually?  A lot of depends on usage, how many vehicles you have and the size of your family. That means that at some point it’s going to require service. Do you remember the last time you had maintenance or service done on your garage door or opener?  If you can’t remember or if you are due for a checkup, we’re here to help.

To ensure that your garage door continues to operate safely and consistently throughout the year, we can’t stress enough how important garage door maintenance is.  It should be as normal and regular as for any other appliance in your home.  If one component doesn’t work and you can’t open your door, getting your car in or out of the garage may be impossible. Here are some indications that your door may need attention soon.

Your door may:

  • Have trouble opening or closing
  • Operate in a jerky motion
  • Be excessively noisy
  • Have rusted or corroded springs and/or cables
  • Sag or look uneven
  • Have worn or frayed cables
  • See hardware or other components on your garage floor

Regular proactive and preventative maintenance will:

  • Detect potential problems and prevent emergency situations by limiting repairs that could later cost hundreds of dollars or more.
  • Extend the life of your garage door and opener by lengthening the time between replacements
  • Keep your door in physically good shape. Fixing a small chip or crack will prevent the spread of rust or rot  that will detract from its appearance.
  • Retain good curb appeal to be more attractive to prospective buyers and achieve maximum selling value.
  • Preserve good garage door health so you can access it at any time without disruption.
  • Keep out rodents and critters who can easily slip under your garage door if it’s not properly sealed.
  • Secure your family’s safety and discourage intruders from breaking in.

The Aladdin Doors® Annual Preventative Maintenance Program For Homeowners includes:

  • Check all mechanical components for signs of wear and tear.
  • Lubricate, adjust, or replace as needed, i.e. springs, chains, pulleys, rollers, hinges, etc.
  • Check tracks for signs of damage, rust, cracking or debris
  • Observe door operation to detect rough, uneven movement, as well as scraping or grinding
  • Test the door balance
  • Check the garage door opener and safety sensor function
  • Inspect the door for warping, rust, excessive wear or damaged panels or sections
  • Check to see that the bottom rubber seal and weather stripping around the door seals the door tightly when closed

Because garage door systems are complex and intricate, they can be dangerous to people who lack experience maintaining or repairing them. Instead, let Aladdin Doors® get the job done so you won’t have to.  For almost 20 years we have specialized in garage doors and garage door openers for homeowners across the Chicago area and beyond. Check out our hundreds of five-star Google reviews!  For more details and pricing on quality, proactive, and preventative garage door maintenance, call Aladdin Doors® at 877-366-7247.  We look forward to meeting you and your garage door soon.

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