Aladdin Doors® of Houston, TX specializes in affordable garage door opener repair and we’d like to earn your business today. Garage door openers do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. They’re a great invention that allows you to stay comfortably in your car and take you into the garage during a nasty storm or when you just don’t feel like getting out of your car to open the door. The job of the motor is not to raise the door but to set the process of lifting or lowering the door in motion. Once in motion, the springs take over and lift your door. Your opener is a complex piece of electronic and mechanical equipment and when it fails, you might notice the following:

  • The door won’t open or close (are those remote batteries dead; did you reconnect the opener when you disengaged it during last night’s power outage)
  • The garage door opener stalls (that’s right, it just stops)
  • The motor grinds or hums (not a country song, either)
  • The chain is louder than usual when opening or closing (it’s screaming, something is wrong)
  • The door closes then reverses (those safety sensors might need replacement or realignment)
  • It’s old and doesn’t have the newer features (the law says safety sensors are necessary)

Aladdin Doors® will determine if it makes more sense to replace your opener than repair it. We carry all the latest models in a chain, belt, and jackshaft with the option of Wi-Fi capability, as well as standard replacement parts. For fast, quality garage door opener repair or replacement, Aladdin Doors® of Houston, TX is your one only and choice. Please call us at (832) 648-3888 or complete our online request form.

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