Common Causes of a Noisy Garage Door

By Al June 15, 2021

Garage doors make noise. Some more than others. They’re made of complex mechanisms and moving parts that will indeed make noise. Because the door weighs a lot, especially if it’s insulated or made of wood, it takes a lot of effort to move it, again, making noise. Garage door openers, while certainly a convenience and necessity for many homeowners, can become excessively noisy over time. Chain drive openers make the most noise while belt drive openers are typically the quietest. When it’s so loud and you can’t hear yourself think (!), you may have a bigger problem. Some folks will try to diagnose and fix the problem.  Aladdin® Doors can do a better and faster job so you don’t have to.

So, what’s with all this noise?


Rollers help roll your garage door up and down. When they get old and wear out, they can squeak along the tracks. The screeching can be deafening and will drive you crazy! Most garage doors come standard with plastic or metal garage door rollers, which are likely to fall apart faster. Our high-cycle, long lasting nylon rollers won’t rust and are built to last for many years. In fact, they’re guaranteed for life. As a side note, we recommend changing the rollers when you replace your garage door springs. New rollers can also make your garage door opener run smoother and quieter.

Bent Tracks.

When you open and close your garage door and it makes a rubbing noise, it could be coming from bent metal rails or tracks. If you see loose screws on your garage floor, it’s an indication of a bent garage door track.

Broken Springs. If you heard a loud “bang” coming from the garage, you probably have a broken garage door spring. While they cannot be repaired, we can replace them with standard 10,000 cycle springs or heavy duty, 100,000 cycle lifetime springs. We carry all sizes and types to specifically fit your garage door and offer same day service in most situations.

Garage Door Opener.

When your opener slows down or struggles to open and close your door, it can get louder and louder. You might have a bad motor. If it’s old and you haven’t performed regular maintenance, it could be a sign that it’s on its way out soon. Make an appointment so we can check your opener. When replacement makes more sense than repairs, we carry only the best garage door openers from the professional line of LiftMaster™. They are reliable, durable, and built for years of high performance and are available in chain, belt, and jackshaft configurations. A one piece sold rail makes them stronger than the competition and most can be accessed through a Wi-Fi connection. Per federal guidelines, they feature safety sensors (photo eyes) that reverse the door when something is in the way, whether it’s your kids, car, or garbage can. We carry most models to install on the spot.

Unbalanced Door. Is your door physically crooked?  It might be unbalanced, although you may not notice. When the door isn’t balanced, the garage door springs could be applying too much tension or not providing enough for them to counterbalance the weight of the door. Either way, you could be putting more strain on the opener and cause it to fail prematurely, creating more noise than usual.


If you haven’t regularly lubricated your garage door system, you could hear squeaking, rattling, or grinding noises. Hello maintenance and tune-up service from Aladdin Doors®!

Improper Garage Door/Opener Installation.

When your new garage door or opener was installed, it may not have been done correctly. If it’s difficult to operate, stops and goes by itself or has problems opening and closing consistently, you may hear more noise than usual. Another good reason to schedule a service call soon with Aladdin Doors®.

At Aladdin Doors®, we want you to enjoy a quieter garage door. For fast, convenient service, we carry standard replacement parts so we can get the job done in one call. Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, and polite and want to work for you. As a courtesy, we’ll also do a mini tune up on your garage door system. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that a professional has inspected, lubricated, and adjusted your door and opener to make your system as quiet as possible.

There’s no need to put up with a loud, noisy garage door anymore. Call today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and your garage door soon.

Man annoyed by noisy garage door