The Aladdin® Doors Difference – Replacing Your Garage Door

By Al October 21, 2022

Take a moment to walk outside your home toward the curb and turn around. What do you see? Since it’s 30% of your home, you’ll notice the garage door. Does it say, ‘welcome to our home’ or scream ‘keep on going?’. While we all want a beautiful home, your garage door shouldn’t be the exception. You love the way your home looks, and a garage door can be a big part of that look and feel. Consider its overall condition and visual appeal. Is it old, outdated, cracked, rusted, dented, sagging or shabby looking? Is it in constant need of repairs and maintenance? Are you just sick and tired of it?

Other than looking unattractive, a deteriorating garage door can compromise its structure.
Garage doors can last 10-15 years, depending on maintenance and overall usage. If it’s older than 15 years it may be difficult if not impossible to find replacement parts. Over the years you’ll notice weak or broken springs, cables, and other components; loud, grinding noises; rough or jerky opening and closing; failing or weakened structural integrity, dents, rust, fading color, and more.

Does any of this sound familiar? Then it’s time to seriously consider a new door. Replacing a garage door is a once or twice in a lifetime project for most homeowners which puts them in unfamiliar territory. So where do you start? It’s simple. Call Aladdin Doors. You don’t have to be a garage door expert because we are. It’s what we do. We understand that purchasing a new garage door can be a big decision. That’s why we take the extra time to make sure you get exactly what you want.

If you haven’t looked at garage doors lately, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Aladdin Doors offers a full line of quality residential garage doors for replacement or new construction in a variety of styles and price points. From functional to fashionable, today’s doors will complement traditional, classic, and contemporary homes. With greater energy efficiency, safety, and durability, choose a multitude of materials, insulation, colors and stains, window styles, decorative accessories, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Are you thinking about buying a garage door at a big box store? You’ll have to hire a handyman or general contractor may not specialize in garage doors to install it. They may be seeing your garage for the first time, might not have the specific tools needed, be able to follow best practices or be available to you later if there are problems after the installation. If you’re handy, you may ask, “how hard can it be?”. It puts your safety at risk and can be very dangerous. A garage door weighs a few hundred pounds. It’s hard to lift, let alone install. Think about the process of removing the door, disposing of it, having the right knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done, not to mention a huge amount of time you’ll need to invest. Need I say more? Allow me to introduce: the Aladdin Doors Difference.

Would you prefer working with a family owned and operated business who’s been around almost 20 years in the industry with over 2,000 online five-star reviews, or a stuffy corporate entity with cookie cutter call centers and impersonal service? Our staff genuinely cares about each customer we meet and do business with. We work hard to provide personal service excellence along with the highest quality products at a reasonable price. From the initial phone call to professional garage door installation and later, garage door maintenance and repairs, we’re a full service garage door sales and service company unlike any other.

When you call for a garage door estimate, we’ll set you up with a 30-minute appointment that is convenient to your schedule. Our Senior Estimator will discuss your needs and wants, including a targeted budget and installation timeframe. He’ll bring extensive brochures, color/stain samples, and together, determine the best door for your garage. Things to consider will be matching the style of the door to your home’s architecture, coordinating the paint or stain color to your home, choosing windows that reflect the style of your home (i.e., arched windows, etc.), and so on. We’ll talk about the benefits of insulation and types of insulation. We can also ‘build a door’ on our website to show you exactly how the door will appear on your garage. Finally, if you want a bundled package, we’ll put together a new garage door garage door opener with the best in durability and technology, to give you an even greater savings. You will receive a detailed estimate by email. Best of all, we’ll remain in close contact with you until the day of installation and thereafter. Who does that?

Once you have decided, we’ll gather a 50% deposit and arrange an installation date coordinating the manufacturer’s promised delivery and your calendar. We’ll remove your old door and take it away, professionally install the new door (and opener, if chosen), and clean up before we leave. Finally, we’ll walk you through all facets of your new door, talk about future maintenance, and answer any questions you may have. We know you’ll love coming home to a brand new garage door form Aladdin Doors. Don’t wait! Call now and schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your garage door soon.