Is it time to replace your garage door opener? Although your opener may last up to 20 years, there are lots of reasons you might want to replace it.

In 1993, the law was changed to require all garage door openers to have a safety reversing mechanism featuring two sensors on both sides of the door about six inches from the garage floor. When a child, pet or object interferes with the sensor beam while the door is closing, the door will stop immediately and reverse. If your garage door opener doesn’t have these safety sensors or if they’re not working anymore, it’s time to call a professional garage door repair company in Minneapolis, MN to install one.

How old is your garage door opener? Has it been years since you’ve had any maintenance done? Is it noisy and disruptive to both you and your neighbors? Originally, openers were sold in a chain drive configuration. Over the years the belt driven garage door opener has become more popular because of its quiet operation and longer warranty. However, if you’d rather stick with a chain opener, today’s models will certainly be quieter than the old one you currently have.

Because older garage door openers don’t have the technology that the newer models do, they are easy targets for thieves to hack into. Old remote controls operate with a fixed code and if discovered, your garage door could be opened! With so much emphasis on home security and safety these days, a new garage door opener will change the code each time the unit is used making your home more secure. Outside keypads are also useful when the remote is lost or not working, and are handy when the kids get home from school and use the garage to get in the house.

The newer garage door openers today allow you to open and close your garage door from anywhere with MyQ technology by using your Smart Phone, tablet or computer. It’s the newest rage! They also alert you when your garage door opens or closes. Because of its rolling code technology, it is almost impossible for anyone to steal your remote control signal. This is just another good reason to replace your old opener with a newer model that is MyQ compatible.

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