modern garage interior with silver bmw car

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A garage is a place where we keep our cars to ensure they are safe and maintain their condition. Besides being a car keeper, we often run to garage spaces to store tools such as garden tools and fishing gadgets.

Since the garage is additional storage, you need to make sure everything is well organized to maximize the space, and of course, look beautiful. Here are different ways to design garage interiors:

1. Color

You have probably seen dozens of pictures of garage walls and floors in your search for a perfect color choice. They all seem cool, but remember you will have to live with the colors that you choose for years or even months.

Just like deciding on the colors your home décor, choose colors that won’t make you sick after a short while. White or dark shades are appropriate since lighter shades make the room seem bigger than it is. Complement the color of your walls with the floor and cabinets, so the entire garage looks classic.

2. Floor

The following are the two general types of garage flooring:

  • Coatings – it includes floor paints, epoxy paints, sealers, and stains. These protect against stains, moisture penetration, and corrosive chemicals. Coatings may fail due to damp concrete (where moisture rises through concrete and makes it moist), and incomplete floor preparation before applying.
  • Garage floor coverings – rollout mats and interlocking tiles are the typical kinds of garage floor covering. Coverings are fast and easy to use, and best of all, they hide cracks and craters. However, coverings can be four or more times as expensive as coatings.

Polished concrete finishes are stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily, making it amongst the best and new flooring options. As you choose your desired floor, remember to incorporate a modern floor lamp to add a sense of touch and boost its elegance.

3. Interior walls

modern garage interior walls

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Most contemporary homes still use drywall finish. However, drywall is not, all the time, the most suitable choice for your garage since it might be tricky to achieve a perfect finish. Before choosing drywall, consider the following other materials, which may add an ornamental touch to your garage.

  • Solid wood sheathing – a wood sheathing like an oriented strand board or plywood represents a modest and cost-effective finish choice for your garage walls. You can use wood panels to cover insulation. Plywood and oriented-strand boards create reliable support, as well as fastening surfaces for shelves. You can paint the wall or leave it natural.
  • Sustainable plastic – plastics offer suitable low-maintenance garage wall finishes.

  • Compact cement board – you can decide to use compact cement board to cover your garage walls instead of other materials. They provide an easy way to add stone veneer and tiles.

Each of the above materials makes your walls look appealing and offer easy maintenance, so it’s up to you to choose what works for your budget and taste. First, decide on fire codes before you settle on any material. Drywall can help curb fire from spreading because it makes your garage walls more fire-resistant.

4. Garage door

modern garage doors design

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Doors that don’t stand out are amongst the most suitable doors for your garage. Nonetheless, make sure that the garage windows and doors you use or repeat are the same in profiles and sized. You can replace, paint, or completely remodel your whole garage.

Tips to consider when deciding on your garage door include:

  • Style – choose the standard door that you like and consider painting the same color as your home’s exterior. Alternatively, you can choose corrugated metal or wood doors. You may choose an insulated door that helps to keep away noise and maintain the ideal room temperatures.
  • Accessibility – is the garage door easy to access from your home, your driveway, and the street?
  • Color – for a consistent appearance, make sure to match the color of the garage door with the outside of your house. Look for colours that complement each other.
  • Materials – ensure that you are familiar with the architectural style as well as materials in your home to make sure you don’t choose a door style that will look funny in your home. You can, as well, seek professional advice from designers to get the perfect door that blends well in your home. Aladdin doors have the most trusted garage door repair team. Call or visit them for garage door parts, garage door maintenance, or a new garage door installation.

5. Lighting

Finally, it’s time to light up your garage despite using it for car parking or storage. Most garages have poor lighting, which makes it challenging to navigate and eye-straining while doing your projects, and this can lead to eye injuries.

Follow these measures to illuminate your garage and boost visibility, safety, efficiency, and the beauty of the space.

  • Don’t just stop at overhead lighting- artificial lighting falls into three categories: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.
  • Measure your garage to determine light output needs.
  • Buy bulbs with appropriate wattage.
  • Arrange fixtures based on type and function.
  • Install motion sensors to lower electricity consumption and save money by shutting off lights automatically if they can’t detect movement in the space.
  • Incorporate natural light- natural light can boost the overall warmth and brightness of the space and help reduce electric bills when using the garage during sunshine.


Designing a modern interior for your garage might be challenging, mainly if you don’t know where to start. But with the above tips, you will achieve the kind of garage you have been dreaming of. Most importantly, use materials that you can afford, look at what you could build!