Before garage door has a simple system used to open and close it. However, as time goes by that simple garage door system became even more secure and convenient to use. Today, there is lots of garage door opener to choose from that suit your needs. You may enjoy the ease and convenience of a modern garage door opener, where you can simply open and close the garage door while watching a television. This was made possible through the remote control access. If you are still using a manual garage door opener, maybe it’s time for you to opt for a better garage door opener. Call Aladdin Garage Door of Austin, Texas, for your new garage door opener system. You may also want to check out below the different residential garage door opener to choose from.

Automated garage door installation is a popular project for do-it- yourself people because of the ability to customize and control such variables as noise and speed. In general, you have three types of drives to choose from, each with unique pros and cons. None are the clear best option, meaning the type of garage door opener you choose comes down largely to personal preference. Here are a few advantages to each of the three types of automated garage door opener drives: screw, belt and chain drive.

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

What it is: Screw drive garage door openers are different mechanically than the other two options, as they require a trolley to ride on a threaded-steel rod, which rotates with a motor to move the door. It does not require the same type of pushing and pulling force of traditional belt and chain driven garage door openers.

The advantages: Screw drive openers are simple, and for that reason, preferable for people who want fewer moving parts to maintain. Screw drive units are somewhat sensitive to temperature and are not considered optimal in regions that see drastic shifts in temperature as seasons change. In most cases, they are noisier than belt drive units. Cost-wise, screw drive units tend to be more expensive than belt drive and chain drive openers.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

What it is: Chain drive units are classic garage door openers and are among the oldest and most common styles, running the door along a track. These units rely on a bicycle-like chain to push the trolley connected to the J-arm, which is attached the garage door itself.

The advantages: One caveat (or advantage, depending on how you look at it) is noise. Because of the design, chain drive units tend to cause a slight vibrations and metal-to- metal noise. For that reason, these units are more popular for detached garages than garages situated beneath a bedroom, for example. Some people prefer a garage door that opens with a bit of racket so they can be warned if someone is about to enter. Over time, chain drive units have become much quieter with newer technologies, such as softer start-and- stop features and DC motors. Chain drives are considered to be the most economical option.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

What it is: For many people, belt drives are considered to be the most luxurious option because of their sleekness and relative low level of noise. Belt drive openers use the same mechanisms as chain drive openers, with the exception that instead of a chain, they use a belt — largely eliminating the vibrations and noises associated with chain drive openers. The belts are typically made from fiberglass, steel-reinforced rubber or polyurethane.

The advantages: Belt drive garage openers are the quietest types of openers (almost silent by comparison with chain drive units), although they tend to cost just a bit more than the chain option.

Knowing the different types of garage door opener and its advantage will help you decide about your garage door installation. In addition, here is a piece that provides an idea on how a certain jackshaft garage door opener works. Read further.

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Most residential garage door openers are installed above the center of the door, a style called a trolley bar. A more recent addition to the market is a model that can be installed on the side of the door, called a Jackshaft garage door opener. This type of opener is used for specific applications and is best known for its commercial uses.

Special Applications

Here are some situations where it is recommended to use a Jackshaft garage door opener.

  1. Garages with a high ceiling: Your door may be 8 feet in height while the ceiling is 12 feet high or more. Using a rail system with a vertical system lift keeps most of the space above the door accessible.
  2. Sloped and cathedral ceilings: A door opener with central carriage is an option, but in this situation, it is more convenient to use a Jackshaft. It will allow better accessibility for servicing and troubleshooting.
  3. Where the depth of the garage is not sufficient to install a central door opener: There must be at least 48 inches of clearance above the door to install a traditional door opener. A boiler or pipe can also prevent its installation.

What you need to know…

  • First, a jackshaft opener can be used on full vertical lift, standard lift, and high-lift doors. It cannot be used on low headroom doors;
  • This type of door opener can only be used with a torsion spring system, since the opener is connected to the shaft (tube) on which the springs are installed;
  • For installation, a clearance of at least 7 inches beside the door is required. In addition, at least 3 inches is required above the tube;


  • Jackshaft garage door openers can be used for a door measuring up to 14 feet in height, or a door with a maximum size of 180 square feet.
  • The LiftMaster 8500 Model is equipped with Security+ 2.0 technology, which ensures greater security for remote control codes. This model can also be operated remotely using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Jackshaft openers are equipped with the same safety reversal systems (mechanical and photo-cell) as trolley door openers.

What are the differences between the two types of door openers: Jackshaft or Trolley type?

  • When the specifications are equal (for example, same engine power), the two types of door openers are equivalent in terms of their technical capacity, long-term performance and their warranty.
  • The Jackshaft model is very useful in the specific applications explained above.
  • As for price, a Jackshaft costs about 25% to 30% more than a trolley door opener. Installation time is the same for both models.

Installing a new garage door opener should be done by an expert technician. Call Aladdin Garage Door of Austin, TX for installing of garage door opener. Their expert technicians will provide you option that works best for your garage. You can guarantee a high quality and durable materials to be used on your garage door.

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