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Add style, convenience, and security to your home with a new garage door or updated opener.

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Granada Hills Garage Doors


Respected Manufacturers

Is it finally time to upgrade that aging garage door for your home or business? Our premium garage door replacement services will meet your needs. We represent some of the top garage door brands in the industry. Our products come from manufacturers that are renowned for quality, including C.H.I., Amarr, Clopay®, and LiftMaster.


Experienced Crews

No matter how much you enjoy DIY projects, most garage door work is best left to the experts. Let our experienced, professional team handle all of your repair and replacement needs — without you having to lift a finger. All of our garage door specialists are screened, trained, and certified to ensure your complete peace of mind.


Award-Winning Service

With exclusive warranties from a team with several industry awards, you’ll know your garage doors are in good hands. Examples of the numerous awards we've earned as a result of our repair and replacement services include the BBB Complaint-Free Award from 2009-2020 and the Angie's List Super Service Award from 2015-2016.

You probably don’t think much about your garage doors, but the truth is that they have quite an impact on your home’s curb appeal, convenience, and security. If your door doesn’t offer reliable functionality or doesn’t look as good as it once did, the professionals at Aladdin Garage Doors can help. We offer comprehensive commercial and residential Granada Hills garage door services including:

  • Replacement Commercial and Residential Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Garage Door Repairs

Don’t let an outdated garage door or malfunctioning opener compromise the security or convenience of your home or business. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment. Call Aladdin Garage Doors today, or fill out our simple online form now to get started.

Garage Door Repairs in Granada Hills, CA

When the garage door isn’t functioning properly, it’s a hassle and a security risk. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to get the repairs you need, because Aladdin Garage Doors offers same-day service to Granada Hills home and business owners for garage door repair.

In some cases, a garage door repair isn’t just about convenience—it could actually be a security issue. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service. Our skilled repair team can handle any type of repair including torsion spring replacement, roller replacement, brackets, drums, cables, and more. We offer same-day service even if it’s not an emergency. Just call before 2 p.m. and we’ll come the same day—or the service call is free!

Since 2004, we’ve provided top-rated products, expert installations and repairs, and unmatched customer service. That commitment to quality has earned us many awards and accolades, and a reputation as a trusted choice for expert, affordable repairs.

Emergency Repairs at No Extra Charge!

For all repairs, if you call by 2 p.m. we’ll come the same day or the service call is free. We also offer 24-hour emergency repair for those times when there is a security risk—and we never charge extra for an after-hours service call. Our garage door maintenance and repair experts can handle any type of repairs including:

  • Torsion Spring Replacement
  • Cables
  • Rollers, Tracks, & End plates
  • Replacement Keypads & Remote Controls
  • Safety Sensors
  • Replacement Weather Stripping & Rubber
  • Door Section Replacement

We also offer Granada Hills garage inspection services to be sure everything is in tip-top shape. Whether you need a repair like a broken spring replacement or you just want the peace of mind of a preventative maintenance call, Aladdin Garage Doors has you covered.

Learn More about Our Granada Hills Garage Door Repairs

Don’t live with broken garage doors when affordable repairs are just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive garage door services. Call Aladdin Garage Doors today, or fill out our online form to request a free estimate.


Garage Door Replacement in Granada Hills, CA

Whether you need replacement garage doors for your home or business, you’ll love the selection of top-rated doors from Aladdin Garage Doors. From affordable residential doors to high-end commercial doors, we have something to suit every need and every budget.

We’ve been the area’s trusted choice for new garage doors since 2004. We don’t waver when it comes to quality products or exceptional customer service. That commitment to provide an outstanding customer experience has earned us several Better Business Bureau Complaint-Free awards, Angie’s List Super Service awards, and many other accolades. For quality services, Aladdin Garage Doors is the smart choice.

Residential Garage Door Replacement

Do you need a new Residential garage door repair or Commercial garage doors repair? We offer a selection of quality doors from the top manufacturers including Clopay, CHI, Amarr, and Wayne Dalton. The selection of styles range from traditional to ultra-modern, so it’s easy to find a replacement garage door that will complement the architecture of your home or commercial building.

A Garage Door for Every Building

No matter the style of your home or building, we have energy-efficient doors to complement the existing architecture and enhance the curb appeal. Of course, when you replace garage door system, it’s about more than good looks, and our doors boast all the security and energy-efficient features you expect. We offer:

  • Top Brands: We only sell doors from trusted manufacturers like Amarr, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and CHI. Choose from steel doors, wood doors, or composite doors to get the features that are most important to you.
  • Expert Installation: Your garage door installation will be completed by highly trained professionals who have the experience to provide a flawless installation.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: We also offer same-day and 24/7 emergency garage door repairs. To keep your garage door and opener in perfect working order, consider regular preventative maintenance.
  • Impressive Warranties: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new door is covered by an industry-leading warranty.

Schedule Your Free Granada Hills Garage Door Replacement Estimate

Add curb appeal and enhanced functionality to your home with a quality replacement garage door. Contact us to learn about all of our garage door services and to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. Call Aladdin Garage Doors today, or fill out our simple online form to get started.


Garage Door Openers in Granada Hills, CA

People are impatient. We get it. You tap your fingers and look at your watch waiting for the toaster to pop. You’re sure the microwave is broken because that one-minute timer is taking way too long. And the garage door opener? Who has extra time to spare when coming or going to wait for a slow, unreliable opener to raise and lower the door? If you find yourself getting frustrated every time you have to open the garage door, Aladdin Garage Doors can help. We provide both residential and commercial Granada Hills garage openers and other services to help make your comings and goings stress-free! We offer:

  • Residential Garage Door Openers
  • Commercial Garage Door Openers
  • Garage Door Opener Repairs

Residential Garage Door Openers

Are your garage openers more than 5 years old? If so, you’re missing out the latest technology and features. We offer chain-driven, belt-driven, and jackshaft garage door openers. Smart openers allow you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere and boast quiet operation, so you won’t disturb the household if you leave early or come home late.

Top-Rated Commercial Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener at your business is a big part of your building’s security—so it’s important to have updated models from the industry’s top manufacturers. Monitor your commercial garage doors from anywhere. You can also program up to 20 remotes, so it’s easy to provide access to all your employees. Safety features, like instant reverse and auto door-stop, guard against injuries.

We install Granada Hills garage openers from the best brands such as LiftMaster and Service Genie. Whether for residential or commercial garage doors, we have a selection with impressive features that will be expertly installed by our experienced staff. Our commercial door openers can accept up to 20 remotes, so it’s easy to keep track of who is coming and going. Impressive security features and impressive warranties are other features of our quality openers.

Same-Day Garage Door Opener Repairs

When you need Granada Hills opener repairs, we offer same-day service. Just call us by 2 p.m. and we’ll come the same day or the service call is free. You can call on us 24/7 if the needed repair on your opener systems presents a security issue—and we don’t charge extra for after-hours service calls.

Learn More about Our Garage Door Openers and Repairs

Update your Granada Hills garage doors with a new opener, and enjoy enhanced functionality and security. Call Aladdin Garage Doors today to learn more about our garage door services, or fill out our brief online form to request a free, no-obligation estimate.


Garage Door Spring Replacements in Granada Hills, CA

Have you noticed that your Granada Hills garage doors don’t operate as smoothly as they once did? Do they jerk, close too fast, or not close tightly? All of those are possible signs that you need a spring replacement.

The springs bear the weight of the door as it operates, so it makes sense that, over time, the torsion springs and extension springs would need to be replaced. Don’t wait until broken springs leave the garage door stuck or cause further damage. Instead, call Aladdin Garage Doors at the first sign of a problem.

New Garage Door Springs—Expertly Installed

We offer new garage door spring replacement for both commercial and residential properties. Our expert installers have years of experience, so they can get the job done right the first time. Choose from:

  • Standard Springs: Enjoy a four-year warranty and a 10,000-cycle lifetime. This type of spring is perfect for a home with moderate use.
  • High-Cycle Springs: For commercial use or a home where the garage door gets heavy use, consider our 100,000-cycle springs.

Same-Day Service

If you call Aladdin before 2 p.m., we’ll come out the same day or the service call is free. We also offer 24/7 emergency service with no extra charge for an after-hours call. In addition to our spring replacement, we can handle any other type of repairs including:

  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • Brackets
  • Drums
  • Struts
  • Tracks

We can also help prevent problems from disrupting your day with our routine maintenance service for homes and businesses.

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Whether you need spring replacement or any of our other Granada Hill garage door services, contact us today to schedule your free estimate. See for yourself why we have a reputation as the top choice for garage door repairs and replacements. Call Aladdin Garage Doors today, or fill out our simple online form to get started.