Worrying about your garage door isn’t a priority until something goes wrong. Time to call Aladdin Doors®.

Aladdin Doors® of Keller, TX specializes in professional, expert garage door repair. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready to head out for the day, hop in your car and realize you can’t get out of the garage. Aladdin Doors® to the rescue! When your garage door springs snap, rollers fall off, your door is off track or the opener is dead, we offer same-day appointments and 24/7 support just when you need it most. Here are some of the top reasons your garage door system has failed.

  • Broken torsion spring – Did you just hear a loud “bang” coming from your garage? Did you notice that the spring along the top of your door is split in two? Did you try to open your door and it came crashing down? We carry all types and sizes of garage door springs and specialize in professional replacement. We can see you today.
  • The door is off-track or misaligned – Your tracks that guide the door up and down might be out of alignment. They could also be blocked by debris or they might be damaged or bent causing the door to not work.
  • Dead or weak batteries – Before you call us for service, check your batteries on your remote(s) and/or outside keypad. It’s the easiest solution to fix a door that won’t open or close. If that doesn’t work, we’re just a quick call away.
  • The garage door opener motor quit – Your opener may be repairable and if it’s too old and repairs don’t make sense, we carry the professional series of LiftMaster™ openers in our vehicles for immediate replacement. They come standard with Wi-Fi connection.
  • Noisy, squeaky door – Try applying lubricant. Or, if you can’t remember the last time you had a service call on your door and opener, call us to schedule a safety inspection, maintenance check and tune-up.
  • Blocked or dirty safety sensors – Safety sensors check for anything obstructing your door so it can close entirely. When something is in the way, the sensors will know, and the door will bounce up. Is something blocking the sensor? Are they dirty? Are they misaligned? Check first before calling us.
  • Worn out, old parts – There are lots of components that work together to operate your garage door, like springs, rollers, cables, safety sensors, drums, end plates, tracks, rails and more. Over time these parts wear out and will need to be replaced or repaired. We always carry standard replacement parts in our vehicles so we can do repairs on the spot. No need for a second appointment.
  • Humidity – Humidity can cause all sorts of problems with the metal parts of your garage door. While lubricating them may help, old parts may need replacement soon.
  • Sunlight – Direct sun can make your sensors think that something is in the way, prohibiting your door from closing all the way. You can try to adjust them yourself and if that doesn’t work, give us a call. We’ll even include a complimentary mini-tune up on your door and opener while we’re there.

A well-maintained garage door is essential to protecting you, your family and your home. We understand the inconvenience and urgency of a malfunctioning or broken garage door and that’s why we make it a priority to get your door working again with same-day service. When you need fast, professional garage door repairs, put Aladdin Doors® of Keller, TX to work for you. Let us do the job so you don’t have to. We look forward to meeting you soon. Please call us today at (817) 799-8897.

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