Smart Garage Door Openers Schaumburg, IL

Aladdin Doors® specializes in the sales, replacement, and service of Smart Garage Door Openers in Schaumburg, IL. What do we mean by “smart”? A Smart home may have appliances, lighting, heating and air, TV’s, computers, audio and video systems, and security and camera systems that communicate with one another from anywhere at any time by a Smartphone via an internet connection. It’s changed our lives and now it can change how we operate our garage door.

Aladdin Doors® has already jumped in the high-tech market by giving our complete line of garage door openers an option to be “smart”. Some come with Wi-Fi capability while with others it’s an add-on. You can open and close your garage door, create customer alerts on the status of your garage door and schedule your door to close at a specific time. If your teenager uses her Smartphone to open the garage door, you’ll know she’s home safe and sound by receiving an alert. Operating your door with your Smartphone has replaced the old-fashioned remote control or “clicker”. You can also pair your garage door opener with your (newer) vehicle eliminating the remote control. New at Aladdin Doors® is our video camera that helps you keep an eye on your garage when you’re away from home. With a Wi-Fi opener, it’s easy to install and compatible with all Aladdin Doors®’ brand openers.

For more information about garage door opener sales, replacement, repairs or service, either standard or Wi-Fi compatible, please contact us. We have the products and the inventory at competitive prices and can provide same day professional installation when you call early. For local sales and support, call Aladdin Doors® for Smart Garage Door Openers in Schaumburg, IL at (877) 366-7247.

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