Quiet Garage Door Openers Bolingbrook, IL

Sleep better tonight with a brand-new, quiet garage door opener from Aladdin Doors® of Bolingbrook, IL. Our smooth belt drive opener is a great option for homeowners with a room above or next to the garage door because it’s exceptionally quiet. Like the basic chain drive, it uses a strong, smooth-running rubber belt instead of a loud steel chain. Its one-piece solid rail helps provide a solid, smooth stop and start.

Did you know that you can operate your garage door through a Wi-Fi connection with just a touch of the screen from your Smartphone or tablet? Available features (some are standard, some are optional) now include Wi-Fi connectivity. The battery backup option comes in handy when your power goes out. Eliminate the need for remote control by pairing your opener with your (newer) vehicle through Homelink. It’s easy to do or we can set it up for you. For added safety, set your inside wall unit to activate motion-sensing security lights automatically. Using a rolling code technology allows you to change from one code to another every few seconds. Pre-program your garage door to automatically close after a set period. For even more convenience, add an outside keypad. All our garage door openers are equipped with an emergency release that allows your door to manually close if you need to do so. They also come with safety sensors that will automatically reverse the door in case an obstruction is blocking it from closing.

When it comes to garage door openers, we offer the latest innovation in convenience, safety, and security. For the best quiet garage door opener, call Aladdin Doors at (877) 366-7247 or complete our online form today.

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