Aladdin Garage Doors of Naperville, IL Review by Ayne B.

Ayne B.

I discovered my garage door wouldn’t open when I returned home from a trip recently. It appears that the track was bowed and one of the rollers came off. So I decided to replace the track myself after looking up how to do it on the internet. Well, not such a good idea. The door came completely off the track and the bottom section fell apart. So I called Aladdin Doors and Juan came by in a few hours. He dismantled the door and in a few hours returned with a new door and installed it. Much nicer than my previous door! A few days later he came back to put the weather stripping on. I was so thankful that Juan came to my rescue and did such a fantastic job. These days really good customer service is hard to come by. And Juan provided just that and at a reasonable price, too. Thank you Aladdin Doors!

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