Reliable Garage Door Openers Arlington, TX by Aladdin Doors®

By Aladdin Garage Doors February 18, 2020

A garage door is not functional unless it has a reliable and long-lasting opener to go with it. It seems simple. You press a button, the garage door opens, you pull out of the garage, close the door and you’re on your way. However, there’s a lot more that goes into selecting the right opener for your home. Let’s talk about garage door openers from the new LiftMaster™ MyQ™ series, specifically the belt drive. Most homeowners choose this model because they feel it’s the best and offers the most features.

The LiftMaster™ belt drive garage door opener has a durable motor with an industrial strength belt that provides smooth steady performance year after year. With an exceptional quiet operation, it is perfect for the garage that has a room above or next to the garage. Belt drives will cost a little more than the standard noisy chain drive but for a little less noise, you’ll pay a little bit more.

New belt drive openers from LiftMaster™ now come standard with Wi-Fi capability. They include MyQ™ technology, an advanced smart feature that lets you control your garage door remotely from your Smartphone or wireless device from any where at any time. Know instantly when your door is open or closed. Get reminders when you left the door open by mistake. Manage who can access your garage like the UPS delivery man or kids coming home from school. Create rules for automatic opening and closing time. Set up rolling codes, which change every time you use the door. With built in safety sensors, if contact is made between your garage door and a person or object while it is closing, the door will stop and immediately reverse. Choose the battery backup option that allows you to operate your garage door even when the power is out. Garage door remotes are available with a standard 2-button remote, a 3-button remote, a keychain or 4-button remote. Of course, we will program your remotes to your vehicles. Add an outside keypad for even more convenience. Because there are a lot of details to properly install a new garage door opener, hire Aladdin Doors® do the job quickly and efficiently.

When you’re looking to replace your old garage door opener, call Aladdin Doors® for same day installation. We not only carry the popular belt drive, but also chain and jackshaft configurations. We’ll help you determine what is best for you and your garage. Thank you for your interest.